Monday, April 17, 2006

Leavin' on a jet plane.

I've been a very bad blogger. First, I'm out of touch because of paperwork (taxes, taxes, taxes). Then, I'm out of touch because I'm headed out to Colorado this week. Now I realize I've forgotten my camera in the truck for the second night in a row and I'm forced to pull out this photo from last week of Ivan basking his belly in front of the of the last fires we'll probably have this year.

Running out to do a presentation here and there is a good thing. Why? Because it's the only time I sit up and take a larger view of my personal life. Hmmmm...when was the last time I had my hair cut? Gosh, probably September when I had to run out at the last minute for a work function. First stop: Costcutters.

Do I have any clothes for the climate I'm visiting? What IS the climate I'm visiting? What do you mean it's over 70 degrees in Denver?

Isn't it supposed to be colder there? No?

I must schedule time to clean the cat facility from top to bottom tomorrow. Oh, yes, notes on the white board for the special food for the old guys. Do I have minutes on my phone? Stop and put minutes on the phone at Verizon. Where the HECK is the VERIZON STORE? It's not where I left it last time. They have moved! I MUST FIND THE VERIZON STORE!

There it is. I walk in, and it's like most Verizon stores. They have that person by the door waiting to pounce. I look at her and say "Kiosk." She points. I go. The guy in front of me doesn't know how to to use the kiosk and he's frustrated enough to give up and go complain to the door guard. I punch in my phone number and a $20 bill. I'm good to go.

The Fast Food Ferals will need their can filled this week...I filled the can tonight. There is a dark longhaired cat in the feeding station in the inky darkness. I have not fixed any longhaired cats. I must trap when I get back.

Makeup. I'm OUT OF MAKEUP. They want FOURTEEN DOLLARS for makeup? Do you know whole families eat for a week on fourteen dollars?

My antivirus has expired on my laptop and the damned reminder notice is going to pop up in the middle of my presentation. I know it is. So I must renew the antivirus tomorrow....

You know what I like about going to hotels and conferences?

I can wear black.

I loooooooove black. I miss black.

I have cats. I can't wear black at home.

I hide my black clothes. I forget I own them. I must smuggle them into my luggage without removing them from their protective plastic bags, and be sure to bring along a tape fur-pickup roller, because they WILL have cat hair on them.

Put gas in the truck today, so I can get to the airport early Wednesday morning...

$2.99 and nine tenths a gallon...forty dollars to fill the tank.


Well, I think I'm set.

Oh yeah. Got to pack.
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Leigh-Ann said...

Have a lovely and safe trip :) I love Colorado and would consider moving there if they didn't have such wacky and unpredictable winters.

Helena said...

That is a beautiful cat. Have a great time, and travel safely! -Helena

sb said...

Hope you had a great trip!