Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Countdown. TWO!

(Whoops, technical difficulties!)

Hey, I'm Wings! Welcome to the cat barn at Wildrun!

Look, we just got this majorly amazing toy from Mary. It's one of the Kittypods--actually, it's two, glued end to end to make a tunnel. They say these can last "the life of your cat" but I'm sure they didn't mean that it could survive all we cats at Wildrun. However, we are going to have a blast with this for a long time to come!

All the great things we have here in the cat facility have come from people who have adopted some of the other cats that have lived here. Like the new floor we are getting tomorrow, and the scary, noisy monster thing we got last year that makes our carpet smell really nice.

I sneaked some time on the computer while it was up here today (Ma doesn't realize that cats can use laptops because we don't have to mess with the mouse. Why do they call it a mouse if cats can't use it?), and I read this great article on the Pet Connection blog about how pet owners are vital to pet rescue!

The Ma lady (we call her "Ma" because it's the only people word we can actually pronounce out loud) has been up here all night cleaning things. However, she brought up a special bottle for midnight, and says that we won't like it and it's all for humans.

How does she know? Maybe we would!

Perci says she heard that "shampain" smells like cat butt. I told her she can't possible tell with the top still on and to leave my butt alone! Besides, it's not "shampain" its "sparkling whine."

If we did drink that bubbly stuff, we'd definitely like it out of one of these special cat glasses. But the lady Ma says the more expensive a glass is the more likely you are to break it. She says she would rather drink out of her mom's family crystal, and told us all to be very very careful because her mom will read this in the morning, and if we break her glass, we are mittens for sure.

The lady Ma took the truck out around 3:00 (we can see the driveway from our windows) and came back really happy and showed us her new collar on her arm. She calls it a Friendship bracelet:

She was out with girlfriends, and says, for her, seven good friends are better than being married any day. I'm not sure what that means, but we think the colors are pretty. We cats don't get married, and we all are friends, and there are seven of us in the Big Cat Room, so I guess we agree!

Resolution Number Two! Write down all the Wildrun friends, get all their email addresses together in one mailing list, and keep in touch more often! Friends FIRST!

So to all our friends in the Internets, and the People who take some of us home but remember the rest of us still here at Wildrun, Happy New Year and THANK YOU!!!

Countdown to New Year 2009. THREE!

Hi! We are the Fishes of New Years Eve. What, you've never heard of New Year's Fishies? We are counting down, Three, Two, One to midnight! We get to do the countdown because our tank is right near the big clock and, you know, there's really not much else for fish to do.

We aren't rescued fishies. We came from Donna and Tim's place at Totalily. We have a fishies's eyes view of everything that goes on with the house cats, and overheard a lot, because, you know, sound travels better in water.

Lots of times people come here and say great things about us. They come and sit in this living room and say how kind we are to rescue cats. And a bunny or two. We'd blush if we weren't fish. But you know, there are lots of folks all over the world doing incredible things for street cats with less that what we have. Do you know there is a cat rescue in Novi Sad in Serbia? They don't have an eighth of the stuff we do, and we really really hope they get their PayPal link up soon so they can get donations! We really wish Milance, the cat with no back legs, could come live with us here, but we know that isn't possible. You can check out Milance's video here. And maybe once they have their PayPal up, we can send them a little something.

And we couldn't do anything at all, if it weren't for our vets at Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital. Do you know they saved Ivan's life? And they are always there for our Wildrun cats, squeezing us in for spays and neuters on short notice, and emergencies right away! Ivan may act like a grump with kittens, but he's happy he's still around to bat them and teach them manners.

Bear is the only cat who gets to go from the House to the Cat Facility, so, he'll take us on over there for the party!

The cats over there don't know they are getting presents. Shhhhhh....

See you in ten minutes! The lady says she hopes the links all work, and if you think running around madly half an hour before midnight taking photos of cats (and fish!) is easy, you oughta try it! She really did take all these photos tonight!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Countdown to New Years!

Party time at Wildrun!

Yes, I have a real life, and I will be going out for a quick drink with friends tomorrow early evening. However, for Midnight Hour I will be here with the Wildrun cats with a real live countdown!

Don't have anything else to do? Have a party with a computer nearby? Log in at 11:40 pm for a 3, 2, 1 countdown, one post every ten minutes, with our Wildrun cats, photos of their fun tomorrow night, great posts from across the Rescue Blogging world, and thank you's to our adopters, fosterers, supporters, and friends.

See you tomorrow night, 11:40 eastern time. See, now you have a reason to stay up. Pour a glass of wine, grab a cat, and join us.

Don't forget! And if you have a blog and are blogging tomorrow night, let me know and I'll link you!

If you can't make it, we wish you a wonderful New Year!

Susan and the cats for Wildrun

Saturday, December 27, 2008

There can only be one explanation for this...

One of them (or both) must have a brain tumor. I looked over and my jaw literally dropped. Ivan and Ditzy cuddling? Cuddling? Ivan and Ditz despise one another. These are cats that I normally must plunk my butt between to prevent spit spats, or prop a pillow between the two to prevent eye contact.

Or maybe they are taking those "WWJD" cat mats literally.

What is your favorite party food?

Next Sunday is "Whiskers in Winter" and I've already received quite a few RSVPs. And I need your help!

Both the house and the cat facility are open. Things get rockin' at 1:00 pm. During the daylight hours, people tend to hang out in the two floors of the cat facility. After dark, people tend to park their butts in front of the fire in house (although both options are available throughout the day and night).

So I have food both in the cat facility and in the house. I need some ideas. After years of giving this party, I'm looking for new and different foods!

Qualifications: I have ways of keeping food cold or warm, however the food must stay tasty for a few hours. So food or snacks that are only good for 20 minutes once it comes out of the oven or off the stove need not apply.

It also needs to be REALLY GOOD!

So send your ideas or recipes! You can put them in comments or email them to: info at americancat dot net.

I could a couple of totally decadent cookie recipes, too. Or, if you are coming early, you could BRING totally decadent cookies. :)

"Walkies" in snow country

Valarie sent this along this morning. I guess there is no need to shovel a path for this dog!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Presents for all

Christmas was good to us. The house cats started out with a heavy dose of catnip before I vacuumed for the day. Merry Christmas kitties, here are your drugs!

Mom fired up the sewing machine and turned polar fleece into cat mats, which I use in the cages in the cat facility, or give away with adoptions. Mom did not notice that the polar fleece on top was stamped with "WWJD" until after she bought it. If I notice any of the cats in the facility looking especially contemplative, I'll know why. :)

I am not in need of a whole lot of stuff, but there were a few kitchen gadgets that I needed to replace. Mom and Linda were happy to oblige, although finding a sifter with a turn handle versus the squeeze handle was apparently a worthy challenge (and I am picky about things like that)!

And as a special surprise, Mom gave me this extra plush couch throw, and the cats and I may have quite a few fights over this on chilly evenings:

This evening I'll post Christmas for the facility cats! Right now I need to run into town and feed the ferals.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fast Food Ferals, Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to the Famous Fast Food Ferals, who are now only a scant less-than-handful number of felines on a property slated for a bulldozer. The only question is, when, and by whom. The grapevine tells me there is still some amount of time, but I am looking to shift them to either an adjacent property, or to my farm. It would be best for them to remain, so when new cats show up, they are neutered or adopted out. If the cats come to my farm, and feeding stops downtown, the problem will start all over again at the local fast food restaurants because no one is keeping an eye on the area.

It is a lonely walk now, with the lumber yard closed. I have to park across the street at the hotel because the parking lot for the lumber yard is no longer plowed. But so far no one bothers us, and my phone number is on the cat shelters, should someone have a concern. Only three cats appear to still live here, and only one, Vannie, is an original from six years ago.

Stay warm, guys. Stay safe. We'll figure out what to do for you.

Post note: Speaking of cats on the farm, I noticed cat tracks and a scratch pile in the front yard last night, so tonight I put out a bowl of cat food. It hadn't been out there ten minutes than this little guy showed up:

I was sitting watching him crunch daintily away, when a very large orange cat stalked up the front steps. The possum stared at him a moment and then wisely backed away. The possum watched awhile from ten feet away, then took refuge in the cat shelter I have on the porch. Mr. Orange ate for about twenty minutes, got spooked, ran off, then returned. He's out there now. I won't try for a photo, because I don't want to scare him away.

He's a very big boy.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas morning, 2007

Last year was quite the kitty Christmas, and this year we hear back on Schubert and Tuck. This is why Christmas 2008 is a very Merry Christmas for me:

Anne and Steve write:
One year ago, on Christmas morning, you brought us Schubert and Tuck. The six-month old brothers spent the week between Christmas and New Years in their safe room, getting used to the idea of living with a big dog, in a house they could call their very own. One year later, they are doing SO well and having such fun racing from one end of the house to the other and getting those deep ear cleanings that only a dog can deliver. Tuck weighs in at 10.5 pounds, with Schubert a bit bigger at 11.5. Tuck is very laid back and easy going; always first at the door to welcome us home, and never shy about throwing himself into the middle of a dad-and-dog game on the living room floor. Schubert is a bit shyer (smarter perhaps!), but definitely not a wall flower. He is the lap cat I always wanted. Between power naps, the two of them pound around the house, ricocheting off furniture and wrestling. Having the two of them is such a good thing! All best wishes to you in the New Year. Thanks for doing what you do! Anne and Steve

Thank you! These are the best Christmas cards ever. :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pet Note of the day


Adopter contribution

Alice sends this photo from her sister's hometown paper, The Chadron Record, in Nebraska:

Mothering instincts This chicken has apparently adopted a kitten and its two siblings, but owner Toni McDonough of Whitney says she'd like to find them a better home. McDonough was surprised when she checked in the hen's nesting box for an egg and instead found the three young kittens, particularly since she has never seen a cat around her house. Anyone interested in adopting the kittens can contact her at..."

And, BTW, any one who knows kittens know that A) that's probably a boy kitten and B) he going to grow up to be a total hellion. Look at that face!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Adopter update: Cosmo

Cosmo's mom sends an update:
Cosmo went to the vet for his annual shots. He now weighs 11 pounds and is very healthy. The vet also fell in love with him. They think that he is just so beautiful and his fur is very, very soft. He did very well, considering that he has not been out of the house since you delivered him here in Feb. of 08. He now has 3 playmates and a dog that he likes to rub up against. He also now lets me pick him up for short periods of time. He is my shadow, and very spoiled.

Cosmo was very, very shy when he left here, and I'm lucky his owner hung in there with me, because I hesitated to let him go until he had tamed up a bit more. Many other people would have just picked a kitten out of the paper instead of putting up with my hesitation. But I was wrong and she was right, and Cosmo is one lucky cat!

The inevitable happens....

You knew it was bound to happen. Foster home Cary and John have decided that Hope can't possibly be separated from Simon (or them), and they are going to adopt her.

She has to return here for her spay, but it looks like Hope is a Pennsylvania cat for good!

And Simon gets to keep his little buddy. Let's hope he likes her just as much when she's full grown!

Post-note: It looks like Cary may bring Hope up for Whiskers In Winter, so if you come to visit then, you may get to meet the little princess!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guess who may have a home?

Emmi may have a home for Christmas! Won't she be happy not to be an "upstairs" cat any longer. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

You know, there are always rescue folk who say "No one could ever take better care of a cat than me." But "care" sometimes means "exclusive attention" and Emmi is one of those really sweet interactive and funny cats who deserves a home where she is someone's one-and-only. Sure, she'll get a secure roof and all the food she wants while here, but there is a better place for her somewhere. My home is not the best home for every homeless cat that comes my way. They all deserve to be someone's special cat.

Hopefully that "somewhere" has arrived for her.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Feline Forum, save the date!

In my mailbox today:

September 24-26, 2009 * Marriott Chicago O’hare * Chicago, Illinois

Join PetSmart Charities® for this comprehensive, national conference focusing solely on cats and how to care and advocate for them. PetSmart Charities’ 2009 Feline Forum will cover key topics such as:

Facilitating more, and better, cat adoptions
Managing effective free-roaming cat programs
Reducing disease transmission in shelter settings
Operating a feline-focused spay/neuter program
Understanding cat behavior … in the shelter and in the home
Increasing the lost-cat RTO rate
Examining new perspectives on how to elevate the value of cats in our society


Details and registration information will be available April 1, 2009, at

Gettin a good wash

The advantage of foster homes is they have cats who are not tired of kittens. Nonetheless, I can't believe Simon hasn't tired of Hope, yet!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Feral pigs in the Finger Lakes

What rock have I been living under?

Wild boars in New York State.

Hunter conversation here..

I'm assuming the new "wild" population is due to escapes from game farms, as the population seems localized and I'm not aware migration from the south has reached this far. I'm sorry, but the practice of non-resident species hunted in fenced game farms really needs to end. If you want to hunt, put on your insulated undies and do it the hard way--outside of fences. Inevitably, the "fenced" animals get out, and now this is what we have...another once-noble animal that becomes a "nuisance species" causing real damage in a habitat where it never normally would have been found.

In a short internet search I found all sorts of fenced game preserves near me, one just over the border in PA that advertises buffalo of all things. Do you know how hard it is to shoot a buffalo? It's like shooting a cow, people. If you see one hanging on someone's wall, you have my permission to point and snigger.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Stray Haven Open house December 13

Debra, point person for the Waverly Erie Street TNR project, sent me a photo of Tilly today, a rescued kitten from her colony, and gave me a heads-up on the Stray Haven Open House.


Stray Haven plans open house Saturday

Stray Haven Humane Society and SPCA is holding its annual holiday open house from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

The day will include a full lineup of activities, including an ongoing bake sale, raffles, gift items for sale, refreshments and music.

The schedule:

* 10 a.m.: Vestal Middle School Saxophone Ensemble directed by Denise Corcoran.

* 10:30 a.m.: Waverly Central School Flute Ensemble directed by Jeremy Corcoran.

* 10 to 11 a.m.: Blessing of the Animals by Pastor Ann Canfield from the Waverly United Methodist Church.

* 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.: Pet pictures with Santa.

* 12:30 p.m.: Free pizza and soda or coffee.

Pictures with Santa will be uploaded to a digital site where participants can download or order the photos. A donation is requested for this service.

The event is being held at the shelter grounds, 194 Shepard Road in Waverly.
-- Staff report, Star-Gazette

Thanks, Debra! I'm hoping I can make it!

At least it's pretty

And I managed to get it shoveled out before the mailperson arrived!

Post note: I now see I was lucky not to get slammed by the ice that nailed the rest of New England. I'll enjoy the snow, thanks.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yes, the hat is back.

Are there even any original Cat Out Loud readers left? It's been a long, long while.

By the by, Amazon discontinued it's Amazon Honor donation program. Thank you to everyone who has donated to spay/neuter via the blog and Amazon. I'll be replacing the Amazon link with a PayPal button once I create a PayPal account that is linked to the Wildrun spay/neuter bank account. My currently PayPal account is linked to my personal bank account and that just ain't acceptable for donations.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rescuers find lost dog...and are themselves rescued

Good news all around. The video is is here (at right). There is a raw video of the entire rescue as well.

It's always insightful to read the comments on internet news articles. So many people critical of the cost. Yet we send full rescue outfits out for drunk drivers who smash into trees (we don't just sit and let them bleed to death), and people who go into dangerous areas despite signs saying "don't" and get stuck on ledges (we don't just leave them to freeze or fall)...we rescue people who throw themselves off bridges clearly wanting to kill themselves (we don't just say, they want to die, so let them go).

But two women go out after a dog, and at least succeed in finding him, and people say "no wonder the state is broke." I guess if it had been two women and a child, everyone would be cheering in unison. And if two women had simply gone for a hike and gotten stranded there probably would be no negative comments, either. But two women and a dog, well, how silly.

Frankly, two women who would go out looking for someone else's dog are probably also likely to throw themselves in the street to save your child as well. We should clone them.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Do you get the feeling....

...that little Hope really likes other animals?

Does the white cat look familiar? So much for Mr. Tough Guy Street Cat.

By the way, Waverly folks, he now weighs (hold your breath) TWENTY THREE pounds.