Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Adopter contribution

Alice sends this photo from her sister's hometown paper, The Chadron Record, in Nebraska:

Mothering instincts This chicken has apparently adopted a kitten and its two siblings, but owner Toni McDonough of Whitney says she'd like to find them a better home. McDonough was surprised when she checked in the hen's nesting box for an egg and instead found the three young kittens, particularly since she has never seen a cat around her house. Anyone interested in adopting the kittens can contact her at..."

And, BTW, any one who knows kittens know that A) that's probably a boy kitten and B) he going to grow up to be a total hellion. Look at that face!


animalfamily said...

hope the chicken wouldn't be too cut up about you going to a new home! but i do wish you a deserving new home this christmas!

Connie, Orlando said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning. Too, too cute. And yes, he's definitely all boy. And I also hope that chicken is a "pet" and doesn't end up on a plate.

cathy said...

I think there must be more to this story - does Wildrun have a Nebraska affiliate who can check this out?