Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Countdown to New Year 2009. THREE!

Hi! We are the Fishes of New Years Eve. What, you've never heard of New Year's Fishies? We are counting down, Three, Two, One to midnight! We get to do the countdown because our tank is right near the big clock and, you know, there's really not much else for fish to do.

We aren't rescued fishies. We came from Donna and Tim's place at Totalily. We have a fishies's eyes view of everything that goes on with the house cats, and overheard a lot, because, you know, sound travels better in water.

Lots of times people come here and say great things about us. They come and sit in this living room and say how kind we are to rescue cats. And a bunny or two. We'd blush if we weren't fish. But you know, there are lots of folks all over the world doing incredible things for street cats with less that what we have. Do you know there is a cat rescue in Novi Sad in Serbia? They don't have an eighth of the stuff we do, and we really really hope they get their PayPal link up soon so they can get donations! We really wish Milance, the cat with no back legs, could come live with us here, but we know that isn't possible. You can check out Milance's video here. And maybe once they have their PayPal up, we can send them a little something.

And we couldn't do anything at all, if it weren't for our vets at Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital. Do you know they saved Ivan's life? And they are always there for our Wildrun cats, squeezing us in for spays and neuters on short notice, and emergencies right away! Ivan may act like a grump with kittens, but he's happy he's still around to bat them and teach them manners.

Bear is the only cat who gets to go from the House to the Cat Facility, so, he'll take us on over there for the party!

The cats over there don't know they are getting presents. Shhhhhh....

See you in ten minutes! The lady says she hopes the links all work, and if you think running around madly half an hour before midnight taking photos of cats (and fish!) is easy, you oughta try it! She really did take all these photos tonight!

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Ann said...

Our sweet, slightly bitchy Chloe is all ready to toast New Years NY - she has her sparkle ball and catnip mouse and is seriously ready to party!