Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rescuers find lost dog...and are themselves rescued

Good news all around. The video is is here (at right). There is a raw video of the entire rescue as well.

It's always insightful to read the comments on internet news articles. So many people critical of the cost. Yet we send full rescue outfits out for drunk drivers who smash into trees (we don't just sit and let them bleed to death), and people who go into dangerous areas despite signs saying "don't" and get stuck on ledges (we don't just leave them to freeze or fall)...we rescue people who throw themselves off bridges clearly wanting to kill themselves (we don't just say, they want to die, so let them go).

But two women go out after a dog, and at least succeed in finding him, and people say "no wonder the state is broke." I guess if it had been two women and a child, everyone would be cheering in unison. And if two women had simply gone for a hike and gotten stranded there probably would be no negative comments, either. But two women and a dog, well, how silly.

Frankly, two women who would go out looking for someone else's dog are probably also likely to throw themselves in the street to save your child as well. We should clone them.


Zuleme said...

And was anybody critical of the cost of the news helicopter that went out and shot the story for all to see?
Probably not, eh?
Around here I know women who would have been out there finding the dog in the same situation.
I agree with you, there is no difference, a lost animal suffers just as much as a lost human.

Don Patches said...

Support a new upstart, its a funny site devoted to the gangster cats!!

-Don Patches