Sunday, December 21, 2008

The inevitable happens....

You knew it was bound to happen. Foster home Cary and John have decided that Hope can't possibly be separated from Simon (or them), and they are going to adopt her.

She has to return here for her spay, but it looks like Hope is a Pennsylvania cat for good!

And Simon gets to keep his little buddy. Let's hope he likes her just as much when she's full grown!

Post-note: It looks like Cary may bring Hope up for Whiskers In Winter, so if you come to visit then, you may get to meet the little princess!


Connie, Orlando said...

Happy, happy news. I'm so glad, especially since the 2 of them seemed to have bonded so well. And you know Hope is in a truly wonderful home. From a desperate beginning to happily ever after - who needs anything else for Christmas. What a gift!

Stephanie said...

Oh, yay!
I was looking at the most recent pictures of Simon and Hope the other night and thinking how sad it would be when they had to be separated.
Now they won't.

Zuleme said...

I was thinking that Hope and Simon could not be separated. It reminded me of Brendan and Ramona.