Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Countdown. TWO!

(Whoops, technical difficulties!)

Hey, I'm Wings! Welcome to the cat barn at Wildrun!

Look, we just got this majorly amazing toy from Mary. It's one of the Kittypods--actually, it's two, glued end to end to make a tunnel. They say these can last "the life of your cat" but I'm sure they didn't mean that it could survive all we cats at Wildrun. However, we are going to have a blast with this for a long time to come!

All the great things we have here in the cat facility have come from people who have adopted some of the other cats that have lived here. Like the new floor we are getting tomorrow, and the scary, noisy monster thing we got last year that makes our carpet smell really nice.

I sneaked some time on the computer while it was up here today (Ma doesn't realize that cats can use laptops because we don't have to mess with the mouse. Why do they call it a mouse if cats can't use it?), and I read this great article on the Pet Connection blog about how pet owners are vital to pet rescue!

The Ma lady (we call her "Ma" because it's the only people word we can actually pronounce out loud) has been up here all night cleaning things. However, she brought up a special bottle for midnight, and says that we won't like it and it's all for humans.

How does she know? Maybe we would!

Perci says she heard that "shampain" smells like cat butt. I told her she can't possible tell with the top still on and to leave my butt alone! Besides, it's not "shampain" its "sparkling whine."

If we did drink that bubbly stuff, we'd definitely like it out of one of these special cat glasses. But the lady Ma says the more expensive a glass is the more likely you are to break it. She says she would rather drink out of her mom's family crystal, and told us all to be very very careful because her mom will read this in the morning, and if we break her glass, we are mittens for sure.

The lady Ma took the truck out around 3:00 (we can see the driveway from our windows) and came back really happy and showed us her new collar on her arm. She calls it a Friendship bracelet:

She was out with girlfriends, and says, for her, seven good friends are better than being married any day. I'm not sure what that means, but we think the colors are pretty. We cats don't get married, and we all are friends, and there are seven of us in the Big Cat Room, so I guess we agree!

Resolution Number Two! Write down all the Wildrun friends, get all their email addresses together in one mailing list, and keep in touch more often! Friends FIRST!

So to all our friends in the Internets, and the People who take some of us home but remember the rest of us still here at Wildrun, Happy New Year and THANK YOU!!!

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