Sunday, December 21, 2008

Adopter update: Cosmo

Cosmo's mom sends an update:
Cosmo went to the vet for his annual shots. He now weighs 11 pounds and is very healthy. The vet also fell in love with him. They think that he is just so beautiful and his fur is very, very soft. He did very well, considering that he has not been out of the house since you delivered him here in Feb. of 08. He now has 3 playmates and a dog that he likes to rub up against. He also now lets me pick him up for short periods of time. He is my shadow, and very spoiled.

Cosmo was very, very shy when he left here, and I'm lucky his owner hung in there with me, because I hesitated to let him go until he had tamed up a bit more. Many other people would have just picked a kitten out of the paper instead of putting up with my hesitation. But I was wrong and she was right, and Cosmo is one lucky cat!

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