Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yes, the hat is back.

Are there even any original Cat Out Loud readers left? It's been a long, long while.

By the by, Amazon discontinued it's Amazon Honor donation program. Thank you to everyone who has donated to spay/neuter via the blog and Amazon. I'll be replacing the Amazon link with a PayPal button once I create a PayPal account that is linked to the Wildrun spay/neuter bank account. My currently PayPal account is linked to my personal bank account and that just ain't acceptable for donations.


R said...

I started reading you at Cat Out Loud, but never commented. So there's at least one.

Michelle said...

There's two! Wow, it really hasn't hit me how long it's been since I'd starting reading some of the blogs/journals on my list until I looked back at your Cat Out Loud blog. I've always thought your work with cats is fantastic :)

2Vamp said...

Yes, I remember your previous incarnation. My, has it been that long? :)