Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The power of video...

At the end of the conference today, I sat down for the closing session, and a young woman from International Animal Rescue U.S. pulled out the chair next to me. She eventually asked if I had been the person who spoke at The Whole Cat workshop--had I mentioned using video to help find homes for homeless cats?

Yes, I say, that had been me. I had asked at that time for people to please let me know if video did indeed help place their cats in homes faster than photos alone.

Well, she took me at her word, and posted a video of her sweet foster cat Sandy. Sandy loves dogs. Her video proves it. And within days she had three inquiries on Sandy, who is now in a great home.

Check this out! A world full dog-and-cat lovers would likely stand in line to adopt Sandy. (When you get to Sandy's pet note, click on the video icon above her photo).

I didn't get a chance to actually view the video until just now, sitting on the floor by the only electrical outlet in this wing of Terminal F, behind the podium for Gate F11. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to be here, but at the moment I don't really care. What a great video!

It worked! Sandy has a home.

Isn't it a pity it will be dark when I land... I won't be able to see how far they've gotten on this.

Still ground bound in Vermont

Burlington in the only airport I've encountered that has specifically put in power strips in the waiting area for internet scavengers like myself. After all, why settle in to read a good book ("Water Witches", which I got so I could send it to Cary once I'm done)when you can blog...or work?

As you all know, there are moments throughout your life when you step back, lift your head to take a hard look at the world, and realize you've lost the glasses you've worn for the past 20 years..or you've had them taken from you. You can walk around without them, and accept the soft, fuzzy, and less distinct view of the world you are now stuck with, or you can go get new glasses, which will make the world's outline perhaps sharper and harsher than before. And your new frames won't be anything like your old frames, no matter how hard to look for your old friendly design. You will look different in the mirror, regardless. You may not really like that stranger in the mirror. But you know that sooner or later, you'll get used to her.

But you do have to decide.

Blogging my way home on the the last of my battery more ways than one.

I am luxuriating in my last "world weary traveler" moment for many months. A glass of wine, a seat by the window, free internet access, and only about ten minutes left on my laptop battery. The conference is over. While my own batteries are worn out, rather than recharged, I was able to meet with so many people who reminded me why I originally became involved in the field of animal welfare. It's been a long time since I've sat and had a long, intense conversation with just one person at a time (rather than fleeting conversations with friends with whom you'd love to spend more time, or presentations to colleagues or strangers). It was heart-mending, in some ways.

(Saving, in case the battery dies in mid post....)

My long absence from blogging has been due in part to general busy-ness, and most recently due to changes in priorities.

I will be in touch with the friends of Wildrun soon, as there will be some changes, I believe, in our little cat rescue on Owl Creek. It's time to reassess and recreate.

Ah, there is the low battery warning. Adios, and hug the nearest cat!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More catching up. Nick, the cat who sleeps anywhere.

I was potting a plant, and walked away. I came back, and, well....

Blogging from Vermont.

I am at the New England Federation of Humane Societies conference in Burlington Vermont. The flight on the Gnat...oh, I'm sorry, the Dash-8 (scroll down. Way down. No...WAY down) was quite beautiful, since they fly so low. Coming into LaGuardia--which I had not done before--was rather like skating in on the roofs of row houses.

Coming down from the second leg into Burlington was like landing in, well, Vermont. Which is about the most peaceful and beautiful thing you can say about a flight. I found myself wondering if I could move up here? Quiet, beautiful.

(Just so you know, it ain't happening. Anything under $100,000 up here is a camp or a mobile home).

Last time I came to Burlington in April, Mark and I ended up fleeing in the face of a huge snowstorm in my little S-10.

Luckily, I'll be spirited safely out on Wednesday night on another little Gnat...sorry, "Dash-8."

Catching up

I have been neglecting the blog so long, that when I went back through my photos I discovered I had to go back to the New York ice age. But a beautiful ice age.

From the "birdhouse"...our old unused barn on the farm here.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I'm sorry to have been MIA for so long. I haven't even been taking photos. But I've gotten a bunch of email messages and some phone calls saying Hey, what's up! so I will hoist myself out of my dark hole of non-communication. Thanks for letting me know you care, and sorry to worry you all!

Dear Readers

No, I am not dead yet. Thank you for the emails and calls. I will post today. I promise.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cats and Engineers

Thanks, Donna, for forwarding this laugh. Especially the cat yodeling.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm a bit concerned

Because I used to skateboard in the funeral home parking lot. I wonder what sign they might choose to post? really is One Day Banner

I love living in small towns.

I ordered the banners above on Tuesday evening, online, at

They sent a tracking number. They called the next day to make sure I'd gotten my proofs. I had not. They sent them again while I was on the phone with them. By the day's end, the banners were complete, and had left California. Amazing!

I checked the next day, and the package was in Elmira (2 hours from me). I called my Spencer post office, and they told me they would be going to Newfield first, and Newfield would deliver them to me. I called the Newfield post office, but there was no answer.

By 3:30 pm I was getting antsy, and called Newfield back. This time someone answered. I said, "Hi, my name is Susan Greene, and I live in Spencer..." and before I can say much more he says "It's leaning against the chair on your front porch."

I ran down with my portable phone, and there it was. A package with my banners.

Magic. In less than 48 hours, banners from my imagination, from CA, to NY, to my house.

Okay, now answer me this. Can you believe they had clip-art of a woman in a purple mumu feeding cats?

I'm not quite at purple mumu level yet, but Mark has winced at what I've walked out the door wearing, a few times.

Thanks,! And the US Post Office, especially the staff and postmasters in tiny towns. (Yes, our postmasters answer their own phone when on duty, and even hand-deliver express mail--I've had my postmaster pull up, hand me my express mail and say "So this is where you live!")

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Paws for a Cause in Albany NY

Wildrun will be boothing it in Albany Friday and Saturday at the Paws for a Cause pet expo in Albany NY. CSEA donated their booth to a rescue, and we'll be there teaching folks about TNR. Petfinder is sending a "Our Pets are on Petfinder" banner. I'm trying to decide whether I should bring Espie along or not. I think much will depend on what the weather is like Friday morning. I know she'd enjoy the trip, but I also know the walk from the parking lot to the venue is a long one (and I wouldn't dare drop her off and leave her at the unloading zone while I parked, of course).

The schedule of events sounds great. I'll be at the booth, but if you live near Albany, stop on out! My booth will be very purple, and very green. Do not bring pets! I understand there will be lots of treats to bring home to your gang.

I ordered new banners, but it remains to be seen if they will make it in time before I leave. Here's one, from


I haven't had to make lots of copies in a long, long while. In my previous job incarnation, I had access to a discount printing center where I could get the low, low, price even for my rescue work.

Well, I naively ran off to make copies for a booth I'll be manning Friday and Saturday in Albany and didn't even bother to check the per copy price. I mean, how much could a measly 300 copies be? (Do the math, Susan. It's far more than "300" when one "copy" was two pages, double-sided).

Over $50, that's how much!

I'll be taking darned good care of these copies, you can be sure. If someone wants the two-page double-sided one, I want to see cat fur stuck on their clothing as proof of serious commitment (joking)!