Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cosmo(ic) coincidences

The other day, I received a gift from the Stouts, which will take care of Lily's spay, plus some.
"Here is a pittance in memory of two friends - Russ Colton and John Goodrow. And for Linda Barton, who did something freakishly nice for us when she absolutely did not have to. :) Love, C and G, Peet and Paat."

And on the same day I received an adopter photo of Cosmo (kitten photo here), one of the kittens that C and G rescued. All grown up and obviously well-loved:

Here is to kind people all across the spectrum, who are friends to one another, and by being friends to the person next to them, reach out an unknowing hand to another person down the line.

Pass it on. Just pass it on.

With much love to you all, from Cosmo's rescuers and the friends they honor, to Cosmo's adopters.

The Wildrun Clan


P and P said...

we are very happy to see that you have become a fine young man! thank you for keeping us posted :)
love, Peet and Paat

Ranasp said...

This is off topic, but I thought not so much this article was interesting: as the three replies to it...All three people were talking about breeding the cat, never mind all the homeless cats that are around right now!