Tuesday, August 05, 2008

First up, Jack and Holly

Saturday, I finally made it over to Cayuga Heights to visit Jack and Holly. It took an emergency to do it. Jack was partially blocked, which he kindly announced by peeing brown urine in Holly's tub. She took him to the vet that very day. A urinary sample revealed crystals and blood, and now Jack is on Baytril (for his urinary infection -- the blood) and (must go look up brand of food!) for his blockage.

Male cats have very very narrow urinary passages. Some cats develop crystals and stones due to an imbalance in the ph of their urine. Because the passage is so small, they can causes blockages, and irritation. Irritation can cause infection, and scarring can narrow the passage even further. And we know what happens then!

Jack was lucky in that he had an observant mom, and he wasn't blocked. So hopefully his new diet will clear him up. He wasn't being a particular helpful boy about taking his pills, so I showed Holly how I put the cat between my knees and pop the pill down his throat, if the cat is a wiggler. She was already familiar with the move, but hadn't tried it on him yet.

I had a wonderful lunch with Holly, with Jack peering cautiously out the window as we sat on the deck, and she sent me home with Jack's dry food, and a load of canned wet food for the Wildrun cats.

It was great seeing Jack! He's grown up into such a handsome fellow, and has a huge handsome house to match.

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Connie in Orlando said...

Okay, so what's the between the knees trick? I tried it once and never again. My sweet Cricket took her rear claws and sliced both of my thighs open from top to knees.

And isn't it amazing how smart cats are....to "tell" us they are hurting by peeing in the tub? My Cinnamon (a girl) many years ago would hop in the tub when cystitis hit her. It's almost like she knew I couldn't see the blood in the litterbox.