Friday, August 08, 2008

Amazing Snarky Blog!

I was running through my bloglist today and picked up Fugly Horse of the Day from Pet Connection.

I've only spent just a few minutes reading it, and hey, this is a damned good blog about horse welfare, horse rescue, ethical horse breeding, and professionalism, with no punches pulled. I found the snarkiness makes you want to arch your neck and start kicking out about your own cause as well.

Yes, I do believe you can be a blog about "professionalism" even while using terms like "freakin' asshat." I doubt I could pull it off, but Fugley Horse does.

Hey, it's Friday! Be wicked productive at work today, and at quitting time, run like hell! Have a great weekend.


happy moggy said...

The snarkiness is a personality thing. That blogger is like that in real life.

I like you the way you are!

p.s. good advice about how to end the working week.

Connie in Orlando said...

Not snarky, but I think it's a blog you will appreciate:

The photos are great.

Ranasp said...

Haha, I love Fugly Horse of the Day! She's not right about everything, but she's very much right about a lot of things, and says it in an entertaining way. ;)