Friday, August 08, 2008

Nothing beats a good wash

Tonight I was invited to a regular "Thursday Girls Night Out". It was great to sit and listen to people laugh in a group again. Having Nancy's dog Jack at our feet begging pizza crust was also enjoyably familiar. I do miss having Sadie around. It's fun to listen to new people and new stories. And I will have to go back for another gathering, since I went and forgot the bowl I brought!

Thanks for the invite, Nancy!

Afterward, I went and stopped at two stores for the "pre-back-to-school" sales, since the shelves are being cleared of summer stuff. Normally I have a fairly large expense that falls due this time of year--but no longer. It sort of made it feel like I had an extra $200 in the bank (even though I don't really). I permitted myself a small splurge when I discovered 5x6 pillar candles and some porch string lights on sale. In fact, the candles were so cheap (and are now confirmed to burn very well and smell great too) I may go buy them out tomorrow so I'll be set for winter. And the string lights...well, I've been looking at them all summer and couldn't justify buying them full price. Now I'll have an incentive to finish the trim on the porch so I can hang them. I'll put them on a timer, and I won't have to leave the two automatic porch lights on all night long. That should save a few watts, and make me smile as well.

When I got home there were kittens to feed! They get cuter every day.

Scrabble is still too small for my comfort, but she sure knows how to pull on a bottle! As you can see, they are also learning to wash. Lily let me touch her head today. She didn't much like it, but she put up with it, and she has been oh-so-good about me handling the kittens.

Okay, the dishes are washed, Bear is tucked in the barn, and it's closing in on 2 am. Time for bed!

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