Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The kittens grow...

...But little Scrabble (at the far back, Scrabbling to get out) is still quite runty compared to siblings, so Scrabble is fed KMR an extra four times a day. Lily lets me take them from her, but when I remove the first kitten I usually lay a small towel over her head. I mean, look at that face? Would you take those kittens away? The day I decided to trust her is probably the day I'd get nailed.

She's such a good mom.

Willow is an older feral kitten we took at the same time as this family and he is not interested in taming up at all. He is a little wild child.

So what are garbage bags doing in a photo about kitten feeding? Well, they don't belong. But the next task is cat box cleaning. I'm about to let Emmi out of the guest room to meet the clan, but I'm not sure how fussy she is about shared cat boxes. So all the cat boxes are getting scrubbed, filled, and the cat box areas mopped.

Maybe we'll get an Emmi picture next. Maybe.

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