Saturday, August 02, 2008

Thanks to everyone, for being there

Yesterday the song "You Find Out Who Your Friends Are" came on the radio while I was driving, and seemed fitting given that I had dinner with Nancy last night (kitten fosterer extraordinaire, shy-dog fosterer for the TCSPCA). The excuse was that she wanted to set up a blog, but mostly we talked, I ate her wonderful dinner, and we talked and I healed. And I didn't let her free until 11:30 pm.

Note to self: Buy a watch today.

She's working today, but I'm looking forward to seeing her new blog up and running, with her adventures in learning dog grooming. And maybe she can ultimately share some shy-dog socialization tips when she has another foster. Socializing cats is a picnic compared to socializing scared adult dogs.

Today I'm off to see Holly at noon, for lunch, to pick up cat food, and to visit with Jack. Jack has some urinary issues, unfortunately, and is being a bad boy about taking his pills. So there should be a blog post about neutered-male urinary issues coming up.

And I have emails from adopters and colleague that I have not yet answered. Whoever thought that cat rescue would bring so many great people into a person's life?

Anywhere, here's the song. And I think the best part about having friends, is the water in the face at the end. We all need a good cold dose of reality sometimes, and THAT's what friends are best at. :)

I could do without the gratuitous bikini shots, but hey, it is country music video sung by a guy.

After my trip to town, it's "clean the cat facility from top to bottom" day. I've been spending so much time working on the house, the cats are surely feeling lonely watching me out the windows. "Hey, come paint OUR rooms!"


georg said...

Pilling advice: Cream cheese sneaks, peanut butter sneaks, pill pockets.

If the dog inhales wet food, put it in that.

if it's water soluble, get a syringe sans needle and mix with chicken broth, open mouth and squirt down throat.

If none of these work, talk to vet about a compounding pharmacy and see if you can get food or flavored pills that your dog will eat.

I'm glad you're doing better.

Nancy said...

You are quite welcome. I had a blast, too, you know! And, I broke another wine glass today. Time to go back to Tuesday Morning!

Wildrun said...

Hey Nancy, I hit up the Dollar Store next to the Bed, Bath, and Broke and they have very nice wine glasses (shelf down low)--hefty, but nice shape. And a buck. :)