Friday, August 01, 2008

Silence = busyness

My photo blog of Lily and her kittens was a bit of a cheat, the other day. Although I'm sure people would far rather see kitten photos and no words, than words and no kitten photos!

For the family and close friends, I just want to let you know that things are going pretty darned well, under the circumstances. The lawn is staying mowed, the house (exterior) is slowly getting painted, and the inside of the house continues to be defleaed (as I call it) of years of accumulated clutter, and room by room I am painting things up. Mr. Natural Gas Guy has been a regular visitor, and it is the gas lease that will enable me to keep this place. I hope I have managed to protect the property well enough with amendments.

As I dispose of things, and finish paperwork responsibilities, things are slowly becoming more and more manageable. I highly recommend streamlining life. I don't recommend divorcing to do it, however!

The next task to add is an overhaul of the cat facility, or "Tabby Abbey" as I've recently dubbed it (No, that is NOT the new farm name). Now that there aren't as many humans around, it seems like inanimate objects are getting names, rather like naming your boat or car.

There is SO much junk that just needs to go. Nuisance cages need to be disposed of. Tiny plastic crates that I have used need to be washed and bagged up. I haven't used them for years, but I do periodically give them away with kitten adoptions. People give them to ME, so I have a pile of them, and they are no good to me if they are dusty when someone wants one. There is just too much "stuff" in the "headbanger" room (very low ceilings, therefore the name). I mean, goodness sake, I even have an autoclave. I don't want to give up my autoclave, but it's just going to rot if it sits here unused. So I guess I need to call Mr. Autoclave Guy, get it serviced, and donate it to a local spay/neuter clinic.

I have some really nice stuff that people gave me, but I have not used for five years or more. It needs to go. Every extra few seconds I spend maneuvering around unused objects (or cleaning them--again) are seconds lost.

And yes, there WILL be a party when the bulk of this work is done!

Lily has a runty kitten who needs extra feeding, so I'll pick up more KMR tonight. I'm going to make a spay appointment for Lily at the end of next week, and put the kittens into a foster home. They will only be four weeks old, but she doesn't seem to be producing enough milk for them on her own, and she needs to return to her colony before she forgets the territory. She is a great mom cat, but she is truly feral. She loves her wet food, though, and pokes her head out and sniffs every time I walk by, just to check to make sure I haven't left her some.

I'm going to be traveling a bit in the future and will have a cat-savvy housesitter. So does anyone want to foster some itty-bitty kitties for for about five days in a couple of weeks?

Debra (of the Waverly colony) came up with the great idea of giving this batch of kittens "game names." So we've decided on Yahtzee, Sudoku, and, and, oh drat, I forget. Debra? One of them is already crawling out of box (the runt--which makes her easy to grab to feed). I'll probably bring the kittens in the house once Lily is FeLV/FIV tested. That will thrill my house cats to no end. KITTENS!!!

Debra is also building a poster for Espie and Dude. Debra has great luck placing hard-to-place cats by postering the world on their behalf. Dude and Espie need homes of their own. They are far too nice to be stuck here. I'm so busy with personal things, it's easy to get complacent. It's good to have people like Debra to give me a kick in the butt about finding these older kits homes!

I do have some leads on places for two of the scaredy cats, and Kitty Corn. And I may have found a poor fool who will take Storm as a "I know I can't touch her but I have a big house" cat. Storm is actually quite cuddly with someone she knows, so hopefully she would warm up in a new home over time. Again, these long-termers need homes. They can't stay here forever. I never intended Wildrun to be a permanent cat sanctuary.

So that's the update! More kitten pictures soon!


2Vamp said...

I wish I were closer to help :) Good thoughts will have to do for now!

Anonymous said...

i would love to foster the kittens if i am here. when are you out of town? christy

rldknauer427 said...

I sure wish I still lived there!! I'd love to foster the little kitties!!