Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Time to get blogging

As usual, it is the poor blog that gets the short end of the stick --- which means everyone who clicks here each day hoping perhaps to see something new is getting the figurative rolled up newspaper on the nose, too.

We're a bit short staffed at work: staff on work travel, staff on vacation, vacant position, so I've been busy. Nonetheless, I recognize that I've got things I need to wrap up in short order, and thanks that I need to post here before they are forgotten.

In addition are the home improvements, namely painting, at this point, because painting is affordable, and paint weather is running out day by day. Soon it will be winter, and all of this, indoors and out, needs to be finished up well before then. It's big house. And since its a dramatic house outside (red) I've decided it should be a dramatic house inside. I painted 1/8 of the Great Room and stared at it for three solid weeks before deciding that yes, I do want a dark brown ceiling. So, here goes!

Quite a change from the "barely tan" walls and white ceiling of yesteryear.

(As I sit here on the porch blogging, Bear -- the cat who managed to haul open a latched door in the barn and break out a window this winter -- right now cannot figure out that if he pushed the unlatched walk-through door of the barn right now, he can get out and join me up here at the house. It's not without reason that I call him "BoxOfRocks").

So watch for much-belated posts on every thing from donations, to new kittens, to friends.

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bcat said...

love the new paint!