Sunday, August 10, 2008

Emergency kit returned, and new FFF cat

I gathered together the very simple stuff that I normally carry in a cat crate as an "emergency kit." This is different from the standard trapping gear I have when I go out to catch cats. So we are back in the saddle again.

I went and looked for the kitten, and did not find him. In the light of day I could see there were four houses very closes by, one of which had called me about kittens before. So I left a note on that person's door to call me if the kitten surfaced...if he had not already.

Then I went to feed the Fast Food Feral, and this fellow was crossing the bridge to come over to eat just as I arrived.

He (or she) is new, and young--maybe just under a year old? He also doesn't seem feral. He just sauntered away, and stopped to look at me several times. So I'll get some traps out to catch him next week.

This is why Trap/Neuter/Return works. Not, as often claimed, because resident cats will keep new cats away. It's because the caretaker(s) visit every day to feed resident cats, notice new cats, and remove or sterilize them before they have kittens.


Kafy said...

I have a cat in my neighborhood that I've been trying to trap for a couple of months now. The second day I set the trap out, he tripped it on the outside, somehow, and since then, he refuses to go near it, even with real yummy food inside.

Do you have any suggestions for me? Or should I just leave him alone?

My neighbor told me he's been hanging around here for 4 years now and was probably abandoned outside by the family who owned her house before her. She guesstimates him to be quite an old cat - at least 10 years old.

He sprays her house sometimes, so he's a male. Just wondering if it's worth it for me to still try and catch him. These days, I can get within one meter of him IF I'm crouched. As soon as I stand or appear bigger, he'll run a few meters away and then stop and look back.

I'm just not sure whether at the age of 10+, it's worth it to stress him out this much by trapping him?

Lastly, do you have any tips for the winter time? I have no idea where he seeks shelter, but I'm in Canada and it gets very cold here.

Thanks in advance!

ancodia said...

Oh, thanks for the good idea -- it hadn't occurred to me to keep a carrier, towel, and pillowcase in my trunk (believe it or not)!

Zuleme said...

We have an award for you over at Come and pick it up!
Zuleme, Harper and Ramona

happy moggy said...

Excellent work. A model for all cat workers everywhere

jane said...

I have great respect for this important work that you do. You make life better for cats. More power to you!