Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why should I live with ghosts?

As another day passes, I finally snapped over living surrounded by boxes and furniture and personal items of ghosts who choose not to abide here; who send no messages by either Ouija board or table knockings. A "chair-and-a-half" and ottoman on Craiglist reappeared with a plea of desperation by the owner (moving tomorrow, must go) so I offered what I felt I could afford and she said "yes."

The ghosts are being exorcised, one by one.

I was determined to get this in the house by myself, and did (end-over-end, btw). Ivan says "oh, what is that smell?" "Febreeze, dear, sorry." Had I known she was going to spray it, I would have told her I had far less stinky things to banish the mustiness of someone else's life.

Her two cats were pretty dilute calicos, and they were lounging on the balcony rail when I walked about trying to track down the proper apartment. The owner is on her way to Utah, with the cats following later. I tried to get a photo before I drove away, but alas, she called them in. It was really a pretty sight. Good luck to her on her trip!

I think this will do as far as furniture. I'll reposition the bookcases; box up books that do not belong to me, and deeply consider paint options. Check out the information on lowering ceilings on that web page. If I don't have the skill to cut cove molding, I do have the skill to wield a paint brush.

Speaking of paint, I'm working on painting the house, and I can also now continue painting the cat facility, since I hope to stay.

So you are all invited over to try out the new chair...but I suggest you wait until the Febreeze wears off....


Felyne said...

You shouldn't live with ghosts! Good on ya girl! All the power to you!

Widget said...

Ben sends hugs. He is my "ghost chaser".