Sunday, June 22, 2008

Caring for the Ithaca cats

Kat sent me an email last week that one of the hinges was blown on the Fast Food Feral feeding station, and of course I knew it was also grown up into a jungle down there, so after mowing my lawn, I heaved the mower into the back of the truck, along with the screw gun and the weedwacker, and headed into Ithaca.

I stopped on South Hill to feed Gillian, but she was already fed. Thank you.

I don't spend much time in Ithaca any longer. I had not seen the mural along Cayuga Street, and it gave me a reason to smile today.

I'm absolutely beat, so I'm afraid I'm not too creative in the department of wordage, today. Hopefully the mural photos make up for it. You should click on that second one for the full effect.

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gary rith said...

yes, I love that mural too