Monday, June 23, 2008

Cats, farm, and bears...

Work is busy, but I made a point of trying to get some things done around here today. I grant myself points for moving the newspaper box from way down at the intersection to in directly front of the house. While the walk was good for me, it was no fun in winter, and cutting down all that bamboo that was overgrowing the post simply was not going to happen.

I took ten minutes to enjoy the place this morning.

With all this rain, it looks like it's going to be a good blueberry year.

The Waverly folks came and picked up the newly-neutered Orange Juice, who will be happy to be back on his street again. He has the cutest worried look.

The bear paid me a visit the other night and bent down this bird feeder hook out of sheer spite. There was only an empty feeder on it, and the bear didn't even knock the feeder off. Needless to say, all the feeders are in tonight.

He/she also slurped up all the old cereal I put in the compost bin, and bent it all to heck.

I guess I'll get the enclosed compost tumbler out and put it somewhere away from the house. I'm also going to move the garbage cans into the way-bottom of the barn (below the cats).

Since I inherited the garden I've been trying my darnedest to keep it in shape. I have some seeds here to plant. I'd like to plant a ton of basil to make into pesto to freeze for the winter. There's some that Mark put in that's doing well, but it's not enough for a really big batch.

Donna and Tim gave me these two sturdy but lightweight carpets which look great in the downstairs of the cat facility.

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gary rith said...

when we lived in New Hampshire they told us every year to put away our bird feeders April 1because of the bears