Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walking with Bear

It turns out that Bear is more dog than cat. Like our old cat Nick, Bear goes for walks. Unlike Nick, he leads, and doesn't ask to be carried home.

The local natural gas meeting last night was extremely helpful. There were so many issues I hadn't even thought of (do you know that landowners have been sued by gas company workers who were injured while working on the property?). The best part, however, was getting to see a lot of my neighbors. I haven't been very interactive in the Spencer community (other than chasing a lot of cats), so this my be my opportunity to meet people who live near me. The organizers of the gathering have already set up a Yahoogroups site at

And this is the land under which natural gas lies. A deer crossed the path in front of me this morning, and a few moments later a tiny fawn followed. I was too slow to get a photo.

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