Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shopping for tick shampoo...

Uck. Bear has ticks! After holding him on the porch, I found a teeny tiny deer tick on my neck. Argh! I knew I was going to have the heebie jeebies unless I took a shower, and a flea/tick shower at that. But I had no flea/tick shampoo in the house, so I headed into town, wasting precious gas because regular soap just wouldn't do it for my overactive imagination.

I figured I'd make every drop of gas worth it, so stopped by South Hill to check in on the cats there. They had no food, so I filled up the bowl and yelled for Gillian, a resident feral cat for at least six years. And surprise...she came trotting out from the recycling area as soon as I climbed into the truck (click for larger; sorry about the lousy photos).

She hesitated before crossing the driveway, and I thought perhaps someone was coming. But when I drove out, I discovered it wasn't a human that had drawn Gillian's interest. It was this lovely deer.

So catching a glimpse of Gillian made the trip well worth it.


Anonymous said...

Please, check with your doctor about the possibility of Lyme disease. You don't want to contract that. My favorite cat vet and her family have it. She is still practicing but walks with a very pronounced limp and cannot work full time. Please check into it before it's too late to prevent it.

Anonymous said...
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