Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our guns don't bark (smile)

I need a buddy who barks and would like walks on the hill. And for whom I would only need to put up a 4' fence. What do you think?

I'm actually thinking about just fostering. Seeing if a local shelter would be interested in some of their dogs getting week-long breaks and training.

Also, my friend Nancy wants to sight in her .22. I'm thinking about getting a cop friend of mine to come here and do a gun-safety program (he's a firearms instructor). Are there any more local gun-owning women who would be interested in something like that?


DMosier said...

Ginger is a sweetie. I walked her in May during a visit to Stray Haven. I'll try and catch up with you via the tele soon.

Judy said...

Get Ginger!!! Fostering is a wonderful idea, but I suspect you, like so many of us, would be foster-failure. She's adorable.

I'm adopting my 3rd dog on Monday. Can't wait!