Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anticipating a storm...

This is a beautiful place to be when a storm hits.

There is a nasty line of thunderstorms headed right at us, according to I'm headed off to a friend's house for a party that under normal circumstances would be a "bonfire, boys, and beer" party, but looking at the front that is headed our way, we may be inside.

It's just "thinking about storming" right now, and that's when it's the most enjoyable to walk around the farm. The trees are tossing, and you can hear thunder in the distance. It's safe to get a few more passes on the lawn mower, but it's important to put it away when you leave. Bear, however, took my invitation to go inside, and isn't interested in coming out again. I'm afraid, looking at the radar, he will be banished to a cage in the barn when I leave, because it appears it will be too nasty to leave him outside. Ivan's nose will be out of joint if I leave Bear in the house.

Today was fairly productive. I hauled trash to the transfer station, and arranged to get the transfer station kitten to the vet next week. For once, most of the trash was "house" trash versus "cat" trash, as I've been brutal about throwing things out, especially food. If I'm not going to eat it, and no one has come to take it away, it becomes compost, recycling, or trash.

I made cupcakes. Yes indeed I did. I'll take most to the party tonight, but I kept some of them for breakfast (unfrosted), as there is nothing I like so much as unfrosted chocolate cake for breakfast, with good coffee. I'll shortly be making something dinner-like for the party as well.

I did some mowing, took care of the cats, and went fish shopping at Totalily Water Gardens. I got three pretty comet-type fish, and because I got them from Tim and Donna, they'll mean far more to me than fish from the big box pet store.

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