Saturday, June 30, 2007

And then there are porches.

In the continuing saga of the lousy housewife, how about front porches? You know those pretty ones with the wicker (or faux wicker, now) furniture and the pretty wreath on the door...and that's ALL?

Where do they drop their junk when they are weary? What about the muddy shoes, the cooler that was used and not put back yet, the water bowl for the dog....if you scanned right in this photo, you'd see the junk I haven't found a place for. And the pile of stuff I'm taking down to the barn, but haven't yet, of course.

Let's talk towels

OK, on the topic of being a good wife to your house...what about towels?

How do people keep their towels looking like this EVERY DAY?

If I arrive (even unannounced) at other people's houses they have clean bathrooms. The toilet is always spotless, their towels are neatly hung, there is no dust anywhere, their hairbrushes, for God's sake, have no HAIR in them...

How? Please, tell me how! Our towels are usually rumpled, and there is always one hanging over the shower curtain. Mark is from the "if you use a towel rumple it so the next person know's it's dirty" school. I am from the "refold hand towels neatly so no one will know but always make sure there are absolutely clean towels for showers for houseguests" school. When there are no guests, I toss the damned things in the dryer for five minutes and rehang them if they were just used to dry off from the shower. I mean, it's just the two of us.

I would also like to point out the only reason we have nice towels of matching colors is that we ask for them for Christmas. This batch my mom got us. I said "if you want to increase my life quality by 100%, buy us nice moss green colored towels...a few every year." And at Christmas she presented us with a whole set, which I hope she managed to get a few bucks off on sale, because it was a lot of towels. The previous decade our mint green towels had been supplied by Mark's sister, I believe.

What do your towels look like right now? If your bathroom is clean everyday, PLEASE share this secret with me. Between intermittant hairspray on the floor and cat and people hair, I can clean my bathroom one day and have it look like it hasn't been cleaned in a week a single day later.

Do people leave a new hairbrush out for guests and put the ones they REALLY use away? If someone needed a hairbrush in our bathroom they would drop ours in disgust, I swear.

Poor Ivan still blocked. We are on catherization Number 3 today, and as they say "three strikes you are out" if this doesn't work. Next step is surgery. Financially this was not going to be an option, however, some incredible generosity on the part of veterinary staff may make this possible if needed.


I am a lousy housewife.

By "housewife" I don't mean any sort of traditional "husband role/wife role" commentary.

I mean I am a lousy wife to my house.

When we purchased our first (very little) house, I was a pretty good housewife. Now, it wasn't a regularly clean house by any means. But I took great pride in painting the inside, situating the furniture just so, having fresh flowers around, etc. This may not always be the way the house WAS but it was the way I wanted it to be.

This house was purchased with all sorts of charming nature in mind. We even had bed-and-breakfast sort of aspirations (hysterical laughter, now). We HAVE gotten most of the rooms painted. But in general, it is a repository for furniture that people give us, and a piece or two we have purchased. Nothing goes together. An artistic eye might be able to make it go together, but my artistic eye fell asleep from world-weariness long ago. Each painted room has something that's not quite done yet. The kitchen needs a third coat. The den needs molding. This poor house begs for a good wife, and instead it's stuck with me.

Mark is a good house husband. He made sure the water pump got fixed yesterday (and dug out the pump access) and he's out their mowing the fields now on his tractor.

It just seems like all of my wifely duties are constantly degrading ones. If I get up in the morning and clean up all the breakfast things, wipe down all the counters, clean off the stove, vacuum the floors, clean up the bathroom...the next morning, gosh, it needs to be done all over again.

Tomorrow we are having overnight company so I am cleaning the house. Company is a good thing. Things that we tolerate (a dingy shower curtain) get cleaned up for company.

I'm going see if I can shake out my wifely skills and wake up that poor artistic eye.

Friday, June 29, 2007


The phones out there are just garbage. I've gone through several phones, even the expensive ones. This is different," said Albert Livingstone, 62, in Chicago. "It's the newest toy. I'm 62 -- I don't have much time left to buy toys."

Again: WHAT?

Mark keeps the home water running...

About a week ago, our water pump began making fairly alarming noises. We began seriously reducing our water use, hoping the pump would hang in there until we could get a plumber out (no cat laundry again! Looks like another trip to the laundromat!).

The plumber is on his way today, and Mark dug up our well cover. Hopefully the drama will all be over by the weekend and we won't have to wait until next week for a total fix.

Here's a sign that Nick the barn cat is getting older and slower. You used to never see chipmunks around our place...except dead on the front path. This year we are infested with them, which I don't mind because I really enjoy them, until they get in the walls of house of course.

Ivan is at the vet's all day today. Let's hope he stays unblocked. Keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot cats means they lie still for photos.

It's a warm evening, and the cats just want to sprawl on the cool floors.

Ivan's catheter was pulled this morning at the vet's but by evening he was blocked again, so back he went, and he's got a new catheter and his headgear back on, plus anti-spasmatic meds and his special food, til Friday a.m. I have been to the vet seven times this week, and we've got one more trip (I hope just one) to go. I'm bushed, and I'm sure Ivan is too (all the trips were not just for Ivan). My vet, Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital has been incredible.

Espie. She was quite the cuddle bug tonight:

Dude, being Dude:

Really, she looks so peaceful when she's asleep:

And of course, handsome Shakespeare:

Someone adopt us! (Mariah the gray kitten has a home, and Ivan, of course, is my special feline).

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cyclops didn't make it

With all the running around yesterday with Ivan, I had postponed Cyclops' neuter/testing appointment which was to be today. But last night when I went into see him, for the first time he hadn't finished his wet food with his Clavamox, and any time he crouched down, he breathed more heavily. This would indicate chest congestion and likely pneumonia, which isn't good. It's really not good.

If he was moving from an upper respiratory to a lower respiratory infection after being on antibiotics for five days of "doing OK", then likely whatever he had wasn't susceptible to Clavamox. I have a few Baytril tablets specifically in our protocol for a situation like this, and I ground one up in baby food and gave it to him by a syringe. He was pretty tolerant of this for a "feral" and I wondered if were because he was so ill or because he was actually tame.

There was also the concern about rabies. We had had a rabid fox in the neighborhood just a few weeks before. Changes in personality, and also this type of lethargy, can be due to rabies. I wasn't seeing neurological signs, but rabies can take so many forms. Pneumonia seemed the likely cause, but I didn't want to be stupid, either. If he died in my arms here, he was going to have to be tested for rabies.

I wiped out his problem. And I began to pet him. He was OK with that, but it caused him to crouch down, which made breathing harder, so I sat him up and began scritching under his chin and jowls. He had little scabs everywhere that were mostly healed, and I'm sure they itched something fierce.

And he began to purr. It was hard to tell the purr amid all the rasping, but it was unmistakably a purr.

I folded up a towel and laid it over the end of his bed (which was a large cat litter pan with a towel in it) and set him in there with his front legs over the edge. This kept him off his chest.

When I came back out later it seemed like he was breathing a bit more easily, and purred again as I scritched him. I decided he had to go to the vet in the morning even if I had cancelled his appointment. Pneumonia is a serious issue. It can kill kittens in a matter of hours. And Cy had been through a lot.

And he was still sitting with his paws over the edge of the bed in the morning, watching me. His breathing was still labored, but I wanted to believe it wasn't as bad as the night before. Certainly he was no worse, except he was more dehydrated. Perhaps the Baytril was having an effect. I stole Mark's car by driving Mark into work, and went straight to the vet without an appointment. They let me right in.

His temp was 103, which originally pleased me (a cat's normal temp is 100-101, so 103 is bad but not too bad). But the vet pointed out to me that dehydration suppresses a high temp and once they gave him fluids his temp might spike higher. He was very congested, but she said "Yes, it's bad, but let's not give up on him yet." They were clearly suckers for an old fighting tom, too. She ran him through some balance and movement tests to do a quick check for neurological issues (rabies). He was fine in that regard. They gave him Baytril injectible, and some fluids, and then we realized we should have combo tested him BEFORE starting all this treatment.

All of his canine teeth were broken off. He was missing a toe (long healed), and of course an eye (long gone). He had tiny scabs under his fur from head to toe, ear mites, and the pneumonia, and some sort of unknown orange stuff stuck to his fur.

And then he tested positive for FIV.

That changed everything.

It seemed then that he had probably gone into pneumonia because his FIV-striken immune system could not fight off the respiratory infection, and this tilted the liklihood of survival heavily against him. And with FIV, even if he somehow managed to pull off a now-unlikely miracle, he could not go back to his colony-mates (all of whom thus far are FeLV/FIV negative).

So we decided to put him down. And that was difficult, since we had all been in a "hey, maybe he's not quite over the edge yet" mood just a moment before. He got some more petting, and didn't seemed frightened at all.

So Cyclops, rest in peace, guy. It sure would have been nice to see you sitting lean and glossy with your spayed lady friends in the sun up on the Hill with your one gold eye. But there is nothing worse than watching a scared cat rattle away the last days of his life in a cage, hooked up to an IV, fighting to breathe.

I came home and left a message on Valarie and Craig's voice mail, which is a bad way to let someone know about their back-porch feline visitor, but I didn't want them to read it here first.

At least he got one last chance to purr.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Personal cats get the blues.

Ivan had another urinary blockage, so Mark came home from work since my truck will be in the shop a few days, and drove us into the vet. Ivan is now in a cage in our great room with an e-collar around his neck and a catheter stitched in, and feeling very dopey.

The Nick wandered into the yard and I could hear him snuffling from ten feet away. He had a winky eye that we were treating for the past two days, but it has turned into a full blown upper respiratory. So I hauled him to the downstairs of the barn and caged him up. No more tramping around for Nick, until he's better.

I postponed Cyclop's vet visit tomorrow to Thursday, when I can borrow Mark's car again. Ivan will have to go back in again in 48 hours to have the catheter pulled.

Ivan's bill was $235, which I consider pretty reasonable under the circumstances.

On the up side, in the hour and a half when Ivan was being worked on by the vet, Mark and I went to Sapsucker Woods (as it made no sense to drive 60 miles home and back) and walked some of the trails.

It's the first nature walk I've taken in probably three years, not counting short walks on our own property. It's time to get out more.

OK, back to work!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good Day for Coffee and Kittens

Nibbles was adopted, and the family who has a hold on Mariah the little gray kitten came by to visit her today. And we have a new volunteer, Cheyenne, who will be here some Sundays this summer to help socialize the cats and perhaps create some new admission/medical records for us. Cheyenne also gave Mariah a name, so she isn't just "the little fluffy gray kitten" any longer.

The cat facility is looking better and better although it still has a long way to go. I won't be able to afford any more paint until payday next week, although I do still have white so can work on the ceiling.

Paint is great

As I painted today I kept thinking "Why didn't I paint sooner? WHY didn't I paint sooner." Until I ran out of paint. Then I remembered. Oh, yeah, $23 a gallon.

"Ginger Peach" is really more like "Orange Creamsicle" but it's still better than "Dusty Dark Barn Board." And it sure brightens up the room.

Cyclops is still eating his food and meds. His good eyes seems less goopy, although he still looks like something you pulled out of the bottom of a dumpster. Poor guy.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Coffee and Kittens tomorrow, 2-5!

Come visit! We have one adopter coming to look at Nibbles, and a new volunteer coming by for an orientation. There will be coffee, soda, cookies, and kittens, as well as cats.

You'll get to see the Orange Creamsicle color I picked for upstairs. I DON'T think I'll do all the walls that color. :)

If you need directions, email info at americancat dot net.

Homebound -- truck at the truck hospital

Well, it's been one of those mornings.

First, Mark discovered that the raccoons that someone dumped here (that have been desperate for food and have been finding at least one new thing to destroy nightly, even though our property is fairly raccoon-proof) broke into the chicken pen last night and killed Hillary and Cornelia, our pet hens that we have had for six years.

Then the brake line on my truck burst...AFTER the back was filled with trash for the landfill.

Mark put a tarp down in the back of his spiffy little Matrix and we transferred the trash to his vehicle. It was a bit of a haul with 300 plus pound of trash plus two adults, but she made it OK. Although now she reeks like cat litter and Odor-Fresh garbage bags. I took down the cat poster at the waste transfer station, as all the cats and kittens caught there have been placed or spoken for.

Craig came and fetched my truck while we were gone, then gave me a call. The ball joints are shot as well, and I had already scheduled the catalytic converter to be replaced, so I told him to just keep my truck as long as he needs to, go over her nose to tail, and we'll just have to put it on a credit card. For those of you who don't know me, I "don't do" credit cards, because access to credit means I just spend more on cats. "Cash only" means I operate within my means. But Mark has a zero balance credit card just to bail out his wife in situations like these.

So I am homebound, other than when I can borrow Mark's car. For those of you to whom I promised anything requiring my truck...whether it was cat shelters, or merely my presence, I will not be able to follow through until my truck emerges from triage, and I told Craig to take his time since I do not need the truck to commute.

Poor Cornelia and Hillary. They were such great birds.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Next batch movin' on up

Now that it looks like the buff kitten litter is "mostly" placed, we're going to start lobbying for Lily's kittens.

Check out those silly spots!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I stopped by Valarie and Craig's tonight, to take photos of foster kittens and have Craig look at my ailing truck (diagnosis: catalytic converter). Craig pointed out poor old Cyclops on the front porch. He and Dixie are the last of the feral cats in their small colony that need to be captured, and Cyclops has been sniffly (plus missing and eye) for awhile. Tonight he was on the comforter under the bench, where they say he never stays--always runs away. Tonight he was feeling too poorly to run and he was surrounded by all the other beautiful glossy healthy cats who were fixed and had had their vaccinations. Cyclops only shows up now and then, so it's hard to arrange to catch him.

I tried to net him, and could have had I been more patient, but he ran off the porch. Still, he didn't run far, and watched the house while Valarie put out food. As he watched, he slowly crouched down, obviously feeling bad. Surprisingly, I was able to sneak around behind him and net him. Anyone who knows ferals knows that "sneaking around behind" one to net one is almost never successful on a healthy cat or even a sick one. Cyclops obviously feels like crap.

He's a mess. When I got him home, he just stuck his head in the back of the crate and didn't respond to me. I thought about calling Valarie up and just telling her we should put him down. I left him there and came in the house to think about it, and told Mark I'd pretty much decided he should go. I was sure he wouldn't eat in his condition.

Then I got the following email from Valarie:

"Cyclops" is a very sick adult cat that needs a helping hand. What ever you can do for him will be appreciated. Even if it means putting him to sleep. Secretly, I hope that all he has is an upper respiratory infection. He really is "harmless." We affectionately named him Cyclops because when we first saw him, he had just one eye that just wept and wept. He was healthy otherwise. Now.... he is sick and hurting. He needs our help and what ever he needs we will provide.

Sorry for blogging that without checking first, Valarie, but that is an incredible email.

Well. I read that over, pulled a can of Nine Lives out of the cupboard and went out to see Cyclops. He was now facing the crate door, and this time he gave me a nice spirited hiss. I mixed up some amoxicillin in the wet food and slid it inside and went away.

By the time I came back and hour later and took that photo, it was gone.

So there you go, Cyclops. It's up to you. If the meds kick in and you look better by Monday, we'll get you into the vet to be fixed and FeLV/FIV tested, and then we'll let you fatten up for a few weeks. If you continue to fail despite the meds (I'll get Clavamox for him tomorrow after discussing him with the vet...and she's coming over Sunday as well) then we may have to put you down.

But when people care, how can you give up on a big old feral half blind cat with spirit?

He reminds me of Dude. And look at Dude now. And he came from the same place, where he was dumped.

So I was cleaning the extended cab of my truck...

And I found cardboard poster tube from the ASPCA with a poster in it.

So I pulled the poster out.

"June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month" from 2006

And it's June. 2007.

Hey, I put the poster up in the cat facility. Because it's Adopt a Shelter Cat Month 2007.

I should clean my truck more often.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What do you do with an FIV+ cat?

I guess we put him up for adoption.

We played together awhile on the first floor (as cats thundered on the second floor overhead, and coyotes howled outside). He sure is a sweetheart. Here is Lawrence:

Roll left...

Roll right...

Smack that mousie!

(Thank you, Cary, for the mousies!)

Thank you for your gifts.

Just an update. We have received $150 in the tip jar these past 30 days. This covers the spay/neuter of two more cats (one female, and one male), which makes a huge difference to our small out-of-pocket venture here.

Thank you to everyone who has given in the past, and for every hour people have spent here at Wildrun volunteering for the cats, for the visits just to say "hi!" and of course every visit to the blog (which I am able to track via Site Meter to see how many, what city you are from, and how you arrived here...but not who you are, so don't worry!) Money isn't everything. The moral support of visits to this blog sustains us as well!

I have to say, when "blog friends" have shown up physically at off-site adoptions and volunteer events here at Wildrun, it just boggles my mind. We were told that the Internet could be "alienating." I have found it to be anything but.

Once upon a time I used to feel all alone in cat rescue, but since the advent of the Internet I've learned that this just isn't true. There are countless other folks out there doing just what I do--and often far more! I wish more of them had time to blog so we could share more stories. And there are countless people who have adopted pets from their own shelter or rescue group who are here with us virtually as well.

I remember when I first got internet access at a job at Ithaca College. I recall watching the Mozilla dinosaur slowly slowly slowly download, thinking, who the heck has time for this?--shutting it down, and getting back to my MASS-11 wordprocessing (which--funny--is just like .html is now).

Who would have thought.

Thank you all again!! You make all the difference.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Triple play!

Nip, Nibbles, and Billee all have potential adopters!

Wouldn't it be GREAT for Billee to have a home of her own?

Keep your fingers crossed!

Petsincredible Cat Adoption DVD

I love free stuff. However, I've learned to resist most of it lately, because I just don't have room in my life for more "stuff." So when USEFUL free stuff comes along, I am all over it.

Petsincredible has Your Adopted Cat DVDs for shelters and rescue groups to give to their adopters, and they are a good deal. I believe 100 DVDs end up being something like $125 with shipping. And the DVDs are really good. When I was sent a sample from work, I popped it into my computer to watch, thinking "I really should be a good girl and check this out." Well, to my surprise, I got a good solid hour of great advice for new cat owners, and I resolved I'd purchase a batch so every adopter got one. Well....I didn't get around to it. Then Petfinder and Animal Planet had a promotion about two weeks ago. Put a banner link (see right column) for Animal Planet Pet Video (which links to training and behavior videos) on your web site, and get 100 free DVDS, with no shipping.

And here they are. I am psyched.

So volunteers and past adopters, feel free to come take one when you visit! And all new adopters will get one. If you want to view the content without having to have a DVD, it's available on the Planet Pet Video web page (click below, and look left for video segments).

Monday, June 18, 2007

Things that work

Over the years, I have invested in a ton of what I call "Cheap Plastic Crap" (a term I learned from Mark). I've learned that most of it is exactly that, and it rapidly gets tossed away after it fails to perform for the reason for which I purchased it. This reason may or may not be the normal manufacturers intended use. I've therefore become more careful about what I purchase and bring home. I've been known to lug something around a store for a half hour, only to finally put it back. There are too many things we really need around here (cat food, cat litter, paper towels) that are already consumables/disposables, without bringing home more "stuff" that I ultimately have to throw out.

However there are a few pieces of plastic that I can highly recommend.

The "ball-in-a-ring" is one. Yeah, it's a pain to keep buying those cardboard inserts, but cats and kittens love this toy. When they get bored, put it away and pull it out again in a few months. Here's the fuzzball from Barton modeling the one in our cat facility. Her two buff brothers are at Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital tonight in the off-site adoption cage. She's already on hold for adoption, so didn't need to join them.

Shower-rings-in-a-chain. Best darned toy for .50 cents you can find (one $1 set of 12 rings will make two chains of 6). I learned about this enhancement toy for confined cats at a presentation given by a Cornell vet this summer. I thought "huh, sounds like a waste of time, but you never know." And indeed, the cats play with these regularly, and it was the best tip I've gotten in a long while, and put my attitude right in the trash where attitude belongs.

You must click on that photo to see Espie's sweet little sneer.

Lawn chair pads on top of the cages. This was a risk. When I saw these sturdy but thin chair pads with their velcro loops at My Favorite Store (cough, cough) I initially bought only three, knowing that my idea could degrade into another episode of Cheap Plastic Crap. But the three pads, attached to the top of the wire cages so the cats could lie on them when they were at large, worked out wonderfully, and took the place of the towels that I used to lay on top. The towels were constantly mussed up or thrown on the floor, and when the cats were inside the cages they would pull them down inside, often destroying the towel in the process.

The fur comes right off these with a lint roller, and so far they have stood up well to cat claws from both above and below. The next time I was at the store they were almost out (except for bright orange!) so I purchased four more (in yellow). At $5.95 each it "seemed" pricey, but when you realize the cheapest cat bed you can buy is $15.00 (and will last 1/3 as long), $5.95 doesn't seem quite as expensive.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Four out the door...

Today four of the ferals went to either their original home or their new home. I finally had the time to set them up in their cages for their reintroductions, post-spay/neuter. This means no more ferals on the first floor at my place. They are in their respective barns/garages getting used to their new places. The only cat currently on the first floor is sweet Lawrence, the FIV cat.

This makes for a little more work for a bit. I usually run out once a day to check sites where I have cats in cages until their release, even though their owner/caretakers are watching over them as well. Paranoid I guess.

But still, it makes things feel far less overwhelming not to have cats on the first floor of my place, even now that it is spiffed up a bit more. I'd rather drive out somewhere new than walk in the door to the cat facility each morning and face two floors full of cats.

Lawrence is totally friendly and can get out and wander around, and it's actually nice to have his welcoming meow, plus he keeps the neatest cage so he's no problem at all. Once I drag the old carpet out of the iso area, paint that floor, and spray down the whole darned first floor with disinfectant, I'll feel better about letting him wander all evening if he wishes rather than having to cool his paws in a cage all night.

Now we'll get the buff cats upstairs out to Matt's farm, and someone has expressed an interest in Thomas The Sniffler as a foster-to-adopt. The gray kitten has a hold on her, and the other kittens should go quickly, too. Except that I forgot to ask Valarie to bring her batch over for pictures today. Ack! The weekend went too quickly.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday hopefulness

If you have weekends off, Saturday mornings are always so hopeful. There's a whole weekend ahead to get things done...things you just can't find time for during the week. This morning Mark called up through the floor grate... "Time to get up!" and I thought, "how sweet, he wants me to get up so we can spend some time together." Then he added "Chris will here in a half hour to dig trees," and my pleased laziness turned into an immediate leap from bed to pick up scattered newspapers from the living room floor and run the vacuum cleaner before even getting properly dressed. I'm sure Chris could care less if the house is cluttered early on Saturday, but I prefer not to look like a complete and utter slob if I can somehow avoid it.

Ah, Saturday.

I could see projects all around me---the office that needs cleaning, the sewing machine that needs fixing, more painting in the cat facility--but first came the "treading water" tasks. Pick up the kitchen and wipe down the counters. Take out the trash, load up the truck, chat with a neighbor on the road (did I know a girl walking her dog just down the road had been attacked by a fox that Monday--what was my opinion on the likelihood of the fox having rabies--and yes the girl is having the rabies series...), drive out the transfer station where I was told "bring in posters of your cats for adoption!!!!, dump the trash, go to the long way home so I could pick up some heat-tolerance petunias to replace the limping pansies in the cat facility window boxes, come home, pull out pansies, plant petunias, give the pansies a second shot at life in the cat garden in the shade....

Wow, and now it's almost 3:00 pm.

The cat garden (cemetary) is shaping up, after all the hard work everyone put into it on our Work-And-Party Weekend.

Does anyone know what this is? I'm pretty sure the chipmunks planted it. I'm fearing that I could be letting some loathsome weed take root.

Here is what the root system looks like on a smaller bunch. Looks like it could really be a pain to uproot when it's large. Do I keep it to see if it flowers, or rip it out? There are about ten bunches planted randomly in my gardens. I pulled out all but two. I don't find them anywhere growing "naturally" so I wonder if these are something the chipmunk stole from the bird feeders and planted?

Well, I'm sure the cats would like some company, so I'm off. Have a great weekend!

It you're up right now... spend too much time on the the computer!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Once again...

Destroying your workplace productivity.

Check out the other cartoons as well. Like this one. Thanks, Ann, for that link!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

More decent photos!


Tiger Tom:

Kitty Corn (doesn't he look gorgeous? If you knew what a scraggly little feral kitten he was when he came here...)


Finally a decent shot of Dude! I was ditching a ton of crappy shots of him (Mr. Alligator Face is not particularly photogenic) when I realized if I cropped this one it actually was rather nice! Even if he is showing off his formidable claws. But that fits his formidable attitude. And here, for a little nostalgia, is Dude the night he arrived with us after being rescued by the neighbors

It's hard to believe it's the same cat, isn't it?

We may get that Petfinder site updated yet.

A small amount of successful photography today...




And Dustin, saying "no way are you getting me into that silly chair with all those lights pointed at me!"

Visitors today!

We are having eight, yes, count them "8" people stopping by after 2:30 pm today, so if anyone wants to come by this Sunday, feel free to come visit, it looks like we will be "open." And now, I'm off to clean!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Are you up? In central New York? Go outside!

The fireflies are out!!! Yeah, it may be raining, but so what?

The buff kittens were neutered today. I got a call from my vet around 10:00 am that she was having a class over to observe surgery, but her surgery today cancelled...did I have anything that needed fixing? The two buff kittens are big enough to be fixed, so she said "start driving and I'll meet you."

It's the first time I've done a roadside swap with a vet, but hey, the two buff boys are now neutered, have their second round of vaccinations, AND we received an extra discount. So there you go. Life is good, and two kittens are ready for adoption.

Go out and check out those fireflies. They are beautiful. Happy Friday (or Saturday morning, if you are reading this over your coffee).

Stuff On My Cat

...adopts a rescued cat!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Adoption as art

Donna came by two days ago to cuddle cats, clean cages, and drop off this wonderful scrapbook for us to set out at our off-site adoption space at the vet's office:

She took photos from the Petfinder site and the blog and made a page for each cat(click photo for larger view):

Jen emailed as asked if she might do a scrapbook too. We can use up to three at this point, to set out at places where adoption prospects are likely to sit and have time to look at them. They'll have business cards in a front pocket so people can take a card, visit the blog and Petfinder page, and drop us a line.

I'm sure Jen and Sam will appreciate Perci's page, as it has the "Baby Food Shot" on it:

Thanks again, Donna. I can't wait to take it by the vet's office!