Wednesday, April 06, 2005

This is Artemis, and she has been here far too long. Artie is a pretty Manx who was pulled from a feral colony around Christmas of 2003. She was supposed to go back after being spayed, but she caught a sniffle and I didn't want her to infect the other barn cats. On the day I went to return her to her muddy barn full of barking dogs, she refused to come out of her crate. When I pulled her out, this unholdable cat curled up in my lap and gave me "Please don't leave me in this place" look. I packed her back in the crate, held her up to the owners and said "I'm taking her. She doesn't want to stay," and home to Wildrun she came. Artie is one of the sweetest cats we have in the place. She has her quirks, such has squalling when you pick her up. But she requests to be petted, and has a quiet intelligence that makes her one of our favorites. She is very personable. Most of all, she just shouldn't be here. She is a victim of a busy schedule and the perfect home is waiting for her out there somewhere.

Today A. came by to ask for progress on the website. He's ready to go, but I'm missing a few hours in the day. This blog is one thing I wish to add to the AmCat site. How else will I keep in touch with the friends who have made this all possible now that I am homebound?Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm wrestling with more than just cats lately. I have a new job and telecommute. You might think this would give me more time to spend with the cats. In fact, I get far less, since this position is itself far more encompassing than my last position. I sit down at my computer, and before long, it's ten pm.  Posted by Hello