Tuesday, July 08, 2008

University of Florida Shelter Medicine Program Coordinator position

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The Program Coordinator for the new Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida will coordinate the development and provision of services in core areas including:

(1) Shelter evaluation and extension services, including shelter assessments and provision of disease control consultation to enhance the welfare of animals and the efficiency of programs in achieving their life-saving goals

(2) Training of shelter medicine veterinary professionals and general practitioners to fill the current shortage of skilled providers

(3) Training of veterinary students and technicians in the problems of homeless animals, the animal sheltering system, shelter medicine, and opportunities for careers in the field

(4) Development of new knowledge to solve existing and emerging threats to successful sheltering programs.

The coordinator will be responsible for fiscal administration, personnel management, special event coordination, grant writing, fund raising, program reports, media relations, development of service contracts, web site development, policy and procedure development, and service to the public. In addition to the coordinator, the Shelter Medicine Program will be staffed by three faculty members, three residents, several part-time staff, a research technician, and several part-time consultants and instructors.


Ability to work independently to develop new policies and procedures in support of the Shelter Medicine Program based on research to identify best practices, including budget development, funding source identification and staffing requirements.

Ability to manage administrative and fiscal operations, including budgets, purchasing, personnel, contracting services, billing, and property control.

Ability to serve as liaison between the program and other units and departments as well as private sector shelter clients.

Ability to develop rapport with shelter personnel to facilitate culture of support and collaboration in order to improve shelter operation.

Understand and relate core concepts of epidemiology, disease prevention, management, treatment, and behavior specific to animals in shelters.

Ability to research and prepare program reports.

Previous personnel management experience.

Expertise in conflict resolution.

Preferred skills:

Excellent communication and organizational skills to interact with a wide variety of individuals, including researchers, veterinary personnel, students, shelter managers, and staff. Expertise in commonly used shelter management software preferred.

Expertise in Quickbooks preferred.

Expertise in developing and administering distance learning and continuing education programs preferred.

Previous customer service experience preferred.

Previous web design/management experience preferred.

Previous public relations/marketing experience preferred.

Previous media experience preferred.

Master's degree in an appropriate area of specialization; or a bachelor's degree in an appropriate area of specialization and two years of appropriate experience.


Starting salary range is $35,000 to $40,000 annually, commensurate with education and experience.

All applications must be submitted on-line through the University of Florida employment office. Please apply at https://jobs.ufl.edu and search for Req #0705846.

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