Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cricket's lone leg

All my personal cats are getting old, and their parts are wearing out. Cricket went off to the vet today when she started gimping around on her lone back leg. I was hoping she'd merely pulled a muscle, but it appears all her joints have small past injuries with resulting arthritis, and she may have torn a ligament as well (simplifying the terminology quite a bit). She's on Metacam for pain (tiny tiny kitty dosage) and her radiographs are off for interpretation. And she's on cage rest as of tomorrow (she's sleeping off her anesthesia now). She's a "pet" cat, so there was no rescue discount (nonetheless, our wonderful vet has gave us an incredible discount for "pet" cat Ivan's surgery last year), but she's worth every penny, given how much she has made me (us) laugh over the years with her three-legged antics.

Only Nell and Squeak (at age 8) are under ten years old. Everyone else is moving into the geriatric range. It's going to be a tough time as they grow older.

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bcats said...

I know how you feel. I am owned by 3 that are 17 years old and the rest are 14 and younger. I have lost 2 in the last 2 years. It is so very hard to let them go. I don't comment often I am more of a lurker I guess. I wish you luck in your life and want to thank you for sharing. I think you are a very strong person and will make it though just fine. You have a lot of people how think very highly of you, and lots of cats who love you.