Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lorenzo Driving Competition in Cazenovia

Sometimes I try to get together with other local cat folk, but they are so busy its hard to get in their schedule. Susan M. and I seldom manage to connect, so I figured the only way to catch her, was to find out what she was doing, and do that to. This weekend she was off to the Lorenzo Driving Competition, in Cazenovia, so I came along. This gave us time in her car to talk cats (and life). And I haven't been to a driving competition since college.

There are any number of festivals this weekend. There is the Grassroots Festival, which may be its traditional glorious and muddy self after the downpours we had, and the Finger Lakes Wine Festival in Watkins Glen, which is a crowded and happy wonder.

However Lorenzo trumps them in that it is quiet, has horses, and is free. There's something to be said about a venue where you can hear yourself think, and people are downright kind to you. There are no jostling crowds. Susan normally drives at this event, but was just watching this year, so I met many of her friends and colleagues as we walked the grounds and visited the horses in the stabling area.

Sadly, around 4 pm it was shut down until 8am Sunday due to storms. If you live in the Cazenovia area and the weather looks OK Sunday, head on over to Lorenzo.

Afterwards, I visited with Susan's cats. She also rescues feral cats.

Susan lives well off her quiet road, and lets her cats out to visit her garden. Lemur gets a drink from her garden fountain:

Tomorrow Tuffy 2 goes home, and we pick up a feral mom and kittens, and another kitten, from Stray Haven. They originated with the Waverly colony, and mom had her kits while she was standing by for a spay. So tomorrow (despite my best efforts to stay kittenless!) we get our first kittens of the year!

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