Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Nancy rang my phone this morning (6:15 am, and I even answered!). She had noticed an injured cat around her home, had set a trap, and caught a feral tom cat. I told her I was headed into town anyway to take Tuffy and Cricket to the vet, so I'd grab him on the way through.

Well, "he" turned out to be "she" and very friendly. While my vet will take a male as a last minute add-on, females are another thing. When I saw how busy it was at my vet's, I didn't even mention I had Cat Number Three in the truck. I brought her home, and made an appointment for her next Tuesday.

She has some minor scrapes on her leg, butt, and nose, probably from an encounter with a car. I've named her "Tumble" because Joan needed a name for her appointment at the vet, and here she sits, choosing the nice cool cage pan over the towels, because it's not exactly chilly out tonight.

While at the vet, I ran into a woman who is looking after a colony on West Hill in Ithaca, and a farm in Spencer as well. I told her she was welcome to recovery space at Wildrun, so hopefully she'll be stopping by soon.

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Felyne said...

Tumble and KittyCorn! Ooooh I wish I could be their guardian! :(

You're breaking my heart!