Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Bear, up close and personal

I was coming back from the vet today in broad daylight (9:45 am) and as I came around the curve on my road, I saw a big black butt disappear into the bushes to the right.

The only NYS critter that big and black is a bear. So I hit the gas, and then the brakes, thinking perhaps I'd catch a glimpse of him/her walking away into the forest.

Well, I forgot there is a gorge on that side of the road. The bear reached that, turned around, and ran back into the road right in front my stopped truck.

I got to see our bear 10 feet off my front bumper. And he/she is a pretty darned big bear! The bear ran across in front of me, and then crashed on up the hillside (into someone else's front yard).


I must say, after seeing him up close, I'll make sure all my outside work is done before it's too dark out. I've seen him quite few times as a big black blur, but now seeing him with his handsome jaws and claws, I think I'll be a bit more cautious from now on!

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