Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tumble ain't a girl

When I felt Tumble's backside on admission and noted a lack of male equipment, I assumed Tumble was a girl. But something about her/his unabashed friendliness and the shape of her/his face indicated "boy." She/he had a small wound under the tail, so I wasn't sure if we had a girl who had a prolapse, or a boy with an unhealed neuter. And Tumble was so friendly he kept spinning around to see what the heck I was looking at. So we let the vet decide.

Verdict: Tumble is a newly neutered male, with some scrotal tissue poking out of the incision, which they took care of. Since he was friendly, I foisted him back off on Nancy, who had rescued him (a highly experience fosterer for a variety of animal rescue organizations), and she is taking photos and reporting him as found, so hopefully we can locate his owner. Unfortunately, there was no microchip. He was likely hit by a car (or jumped out?) so he is one lucky kitty.

He is FIV/FeLV negative, a bit talky, and extremely friendly. He seems OK with Jack, Nancy's dog, but obviously has not been exposed to ceiling fans! "Whoa, what is that scary thing?" If we don't locate his owner, he will be up for adoption. Perhaps Felyne will come visit him when she comes East (unfortunately we are pretty far from Pittsburgh!).

Thank you also for Nancy for generously donating to the vet fund to cover his care.


Felyne said...

I am so afraid to come visit because I know I wouldn't be able to leave without KittyCorn, and now Tumble. They are my two heroes. I live in a one bedroom apartment on the 11th floor and I'm not sure how fair that would be on them? :(

So he's a she's a he!

Martha said...

Funny that Tumble is afraid of ceiling fans. We find that our foster kittens are completely mesmerized by the ceiling fan, although some are scared silly by the sound of the bathroom fan.

(See for example,

Really great that Tumble got reunited with his family!