Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bedtime for Bear

Bear, the new cat, doesn't stay in the house at night, since the "cat dynamics" are not quite worked out, and if he's going to be a permanent resident, we need to take our time introducing Ivan to the idea. So during the day, Bear hangs out on the porch, he comes in early evening to avoid raccoon encounters, and about midnight I take him out to the downstairs quarantine area of the cat facility for the night.

You'd think he'd hate this. Oh no. Just like a dog, Bear is positively pleased to know what is wanted of him.

Time for bed, Bear!


"Beat you down the path, lady!"

"You sure are slow. Can't you keep up?"

"I'd open the door myself if I could."

" serve better food out here. Good night!"


1 comment:

happy moggy said...

Sounds Ivan will have no trouble with Bear when they do spend more time together.

What a lovely cat!