Monday, July 14, 2008

Blogger being a PINTA with photos

Blogger apparently does not want to load photos right now. So I'm afraid my return to cat blogging will have to wait until tomorrow!

Tumble is off to the vet tomorrow. Tuffy 2 is ready to return home. I spent an hour in the cat facility tonight, combing, combing, combing... Poor Fluffy. He is so good about it, and he so wants to bite me as I keep pulling at his long fur. Instead he just gives a pathetic meow and lifts one of those huge paws in a warning...

Some of them love it. Buttons thinks a comb is heaven. Even Perci let me comb her for quite awhile tonight. Espie also loves to be combed, but she doesn't need it. Dustin's coat came out in gobs, but it only took one session, and now she's glossy and shed-free. It's amazing how different their coats are.

Storm is long-furred but never gets a mat, and never needs to be combed. Which is a good thing because she starts to whine a warning as soon as she sees the comb in my hand.

I got quite a bit of cat laundry done this evening, cleaned the house, poured out the vodka and whisky since I'm certainly not going to drink it and it still sits here unclaimed, FINALLY sold the lawn tractor (which will hopefully stop the progression of interested farmers appearing at my door every day) and LOOK! I'm getting to bed before midnight!

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