Tuesday, July 08, 2008

And now for the really good news...

Last year, a friend of Valarie's brought her a kitten they had found along our road. She called me up and we went looking for more. We found them.

Tuffy and Buffy were adopted by a wonderful woman who has been very generous with us at their adoption, at holidays, etc. She has been in Europe on business, and has been reading the blog. After returning to the U.S., she came over the other day, with gifts...

...and a proposition. She will send $250 each month for the cats. And she presented me with three months in advance, as she is traveling again until September.

I have put off writing this post, because I wanted it to be thankful, eloquent, and thoughtful. But frankly, I am so overwhelmed with the kindness, that I can only be thankful.

The sculpture she gifted us with reminds her of (in pose, rather than color) her two adopted cats. And the book (also purchased in Europe) is the source of their new names.

Coincidentally, I am a reader of science fiction/fantasy, and have read this book before. So when she told me the new names she had given her kittens, I was familiar with them.

So in honor of her, her cats, and her husband who apparently is smitten with them and cares for them while she is traveling, we are naming this The Leewit Fund, and once our 501(c)(3) comes through and we can begin seriously fund-raising, I hope that this becomes the seed money for a spay/neuter fund for the Spencer area. Currently, it will purchase all the food and cat litter we need for the cat facility each month, plus at least one neuter per month.

Fittingly, the first cat to need help was from the very same person who rescued these kittens. And (subconsciously? coincidentally?) I named him (for his vet records) Tuffy, the same "rescue name" as one of the kittens. Valarie and Craig will probably rename him something else once he returns to their place.

So, thank you. Thank you. THANK you. To the donor of The Leewit Fund and to all of you who have adopted, donated, or just read this blog.

You make all the difference in the world, not just for me, or even for the cats, but for the people who see the cats, and call for help. People who try hard to find help, should find it. You enable them to find it.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

YAAAAAA!!!!!!!! c

georg said...

Please when you can, put up a page for this fund, and link to it, so we know where we can send funds or other gifts if we like, and link to it in the hope of promoting it.

This is simply wonderful!