Sunday, October 22, 2006

Luther (Jack) grows up.

Here's a shot of handsome Luther (renamed by Mark; he used to be Jack--I do believe this is his third name). We have him in the house with us and he's a joy. He plays and talks, and likes to lay next to you. He is has an Oriental body and beautiful glossy black fur, with gold eyes.

And not a single white hair on him.

Hey, Annette, your baby's grown up! Luther is the last of the kittens from Espie's litter.


tunafishmay said...

He is sooo gorgeous. And what a little ham too!

joanna said...

He was made for that cushion--and vice versa!

Wildrun said...

Ah, the cushion cover was a Salvation Army thrift store find. .99 cents! And I got two. Even Mark likes them.