Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is what a cat lady's truck look like in the fall. It's time to change the straw in cat shelters across the county, and I'll stock up on as much food as I can for the winter. I was able to score some reduced cost Iams this week. High quality food is very helpful to street cats. Even more than a pet cat, they need balanced nutrition and high quality care to make up for the indoor pampering and safety they don't get. However the cost of one small bag of Iams would buy a large bag of mid-grade food (or two bags of what I call 'cheap crap' food). Now and then, though, cat rescuers can ferret out a deal. I could thank my benefactors publicly, but I think they would prefer I not. So I will only say, The Cats Thank You!!! Posted by Picasa

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