Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's only Wednesday?

What a week.

Last weekend I ran errands and stopped by to visit the Fast Food Ferals. I was happy to see that Jen and Sam had already fed them. I then ran up to south hill to feed the two cats there. Gillian came out just a few minutes after I slammed the top on her feeding station. I have yet to get a good photo of her, and today I failed as well. Why does the flash insist on going off on my camera when there is more than enough light without it? I shall have to dig out that manual.

Tuesday it was off to Stray Haven in Waverly for a great program with Animal Care Equipment and Services. I've been avoiding Stray Haven out of fear I would like them and feel compelled to volunteer. Sure enough, they seem like a great group of people, and their shelter is only 20 minutes from me.

Thursday it's time to drive to Buffalo for a work commitment. Then this weekend is the National Feral Cat Summit in Philadelphia! Posted by Picasa

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