Friday, October 07, 2005

A little bit of vanity.

I've been wanting this license plate for years, but never had the money to splurge on more $$ just for a vanity plate. Every couple of years when registration time came around, just paying the basic truck registration was enough of a bill. So I would go the the state website and check to see if anyone had taken my idea. And no one had. I'd hope it would be "safe" until the next registration year.

This year, when the bill came, I said the heck with it, and ordered my vanity plate. It has paid off. Just the other day when I was lurking somewhere, a person wandered over to find out what was up. "I figured you were OK and weren't going to hurt the cats," he said "when I saw your license plate." Posted by Picasa


Bet On Me said...

Hi Susan!
Would you mind sharing your plate photo with my collection at http://pl8s.blogspot?
I will credit it with your name and link it to your blog.
Thank you,

Cat Walker said...

Right click and it's all yours! I enjoyed checking out your site!

Bet On Me said...

Hello Susan, it's me again.
I am moving my collection of Outstanding Licence Plates to new and better address at
That move includes your plate photo. Hopefully you do not mind.
Here it is: