Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ben has a third strike--but he's never "out!"

Poor Ben missed another chance at a home yesterday.

Ben was adopted last year as a kitten. We received him back---unneutered, and with burrs in his fur--when his family could not keep him. That's probably just as well, since they had agreed to neuter him and keep him indoors. (We no longer permit unneutered kittens to leave Wildrun).

Then he got a great home with a woman who owned a Jack Russell terrier. The dog had been OK with cats when visiting other homes, but he took exception to Ben being in his own territory. They tried for weeks and even consulted a behaviorist, but Ben came back a second time.

Ben was set up to "foster-for-adopt" with Rob, a previous volunteer. But after Rob and his fiance went home to set up for a cat, guess what they found?

Two kittens.

Well, we'd much rather see two outdoor kittens get a great indoor homes and have Ben board here a bit longer. He's a sweetheart, very cuddly and playful (neutered and FeLV negative, of course) and gets along with other friendly laid-back cats. Sooner or later, Ben will get his forever place.Posted by Picasa

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