Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stinkiest. Kittens. Ever!

I have handraised a lot of kittens, and man, these kids STINK! First of all, they are a bit stupid. If you set them on the floor on a blanket, they don't stay on the blanket. They wander off onto the cold floor. Most wee kittens will stay put. Not these guys.

Secondly, they STINK! Yes, I realize I have used capital letters twice in the same post. It doesn't matter how much you stimulate them to pee, they pee more in their bedding. They never poop when stimulated. They ONLY poop on their bedding. They also suck on each other's fur so they are constantly wet. I had to move them out of their big plastic romper and put them in the playpen because the smell was awful in the confined space. The sucking is a bit improved since I gave them a piece of fur to play with. I may have to take a trip to the Salvation Army to buy an old fur coat for them to nuzzle in. I have given more kitten baths to these guys in less than a week than I normally give to a litter the entire time they are with me. White kittens especially have to stay clean or their fur will stain yellow. I can replace all of their bedding twice a day and walk into the room and it will still smell of urine. Man! I can't wait until they are old enough to use the litter box!

I'm sure Molly enjoys the various stinks. I sure don't!

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

bleh! glad you're figuring it out though