Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leo of the Terrorist Kittens gets adopted...

Yes! An adoption! Leo is actually the shyest of the three when it comes to lap-sitting, but when strangers arrive to visit, he's the only one who comes right out to socialize. He is in a foster-to-adopt, so if his adopters find he is too shy, they can feel comfortable returning him.

I then moved Tinker and Owlie out to the cat facility, as there is an empty run suitable for two. I'm sure they are frightened at the change, but with the racetrack kittens now running around, it was just WAY too many cats in the house. And a dog, no less, even if she is cat-sized.

I love cats, but I like walk into a room and find a chair cat-free, as well, and not constantly hear the thunder of cats romping across the second floor. And my old guys will be so happy to have the activity level lowered, not to mention competition at the treat dish before bedtime.

All four of the racetrack kittens are doing well. The white boy, who is spoken for, seems to be the biggest, uses the cat box, but is still fixated on his bottle. I'd far rather have a bottle-spoiled kitten who uses the cat box, than a bowl feeder who doesn't. The gray kitten still is iffy about the cat box, but she's getting better.

OK, speaking of "cat-sized"...Molly the dog is asleep in a Siesta Bowl near my feet. I wish the camera was at hand, and I wasn't pinned in the chair by Ivan!

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