Sunday, May 03, 2009

Of kittens and pups

I have a long list of things to get done this weekend, and luckily I got a chunk of them done yesterday.

I am neutering cats at a racing stable and have received nothing but enthusiastic cooperation from the staff and horse owners so far.

It is especially nice to have three men (so far) express serious concern about the welfare of the resident cats. So often it is stereotyped that only women cast more than a single glance at a cat. It was a gentleman who left a message on my phone about this pretty lady and her kits:

Mom cat ran away when I entered the stall. I kitten-napped the little ones and left an unset trap (back door removed) and some food for her. I did not set the trap, it being Kentucky Derby Day and the first day of racing at this track was due to begin in just a few hours. I'll return Sunday to try to catch her. The kittens have been great with a bottle and are tucked in here now.

One kitten already is spoken for by a gentleman at the track. He wanted a male white kitten, and lucky (for me!) one of the two white kittens was indeed male. He said he'd head home to check with his wife. :)

To learn about pups, you'll need to check out my personal blog after about 11:15 am. You can't read what I haven't written yet!

PostNote: Alley Cats and Angels has bottle-babies too!


Jen's Journal said...

adorable and great to hear!

I know what you mean about the stereotype. Classic exception to this "rule" was a man who contacted the rescue I was a part of a couple years ago. He was this big firefighter guy who trapped the kitties, built shelters, fixed the colony, bottle fed babies and passed along word of nice kitties for us to grab & adopt out.

It was a wonderful example! A man who not only put his life on the line for people ... but invested his extra time to feral cats!

2Vamp said...

Oh my, I'm prtty darned happy you put up a link to your personal page... I had no idea! Thank you!

Last Call Poet said...

I like this site. I adopted a tom from a local shelter.None of the cats in the social room sparked, so I sat in the office. ( ihave bad knees)and this huge guy jumped on the chair next to me, head-butted me, thats all it took. Black with white socks, bib, and chin, 33 lbs. of muscle. He can stand on the floor, put his paws on the kitchen counter, and look into the sink. And I can't imagine life with out him. He's my bud, my son, and sometimes my muse.
Keep up the great work. Mike

Zuleme said...

I do hope you can catch the mom cat.