Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pups gotta be walked, kits gotta be fed

Luckily, pups also enjoy driving, and Molly can go with me trapping and on errands until the weather gets too warm for her to sit with the air-conditioning off.

I don't think I've blogged the new truck signs. I have one for each side, and both together were only $35 at the NYS Wildlife Management Association conference at the end of February.

The kittens are eating well. Right now I'm letting them squeak themselves out before they get their last course. This is a very vocal quartet. Their eyes are just opening. I'll probably bring them out to wiggle around on the floor for a little bit and tank them up with a last bit of KMR for the evening.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

the kits and your dog are adorable!
Hey Susan, if you are headed this way, do you think you'd have a minute to stop in?

possumlady said...

The photo of Molly in your truck is just precious. She looks SO happy to have found her forever home with you.

Brina said...

Aw, Molly looks very happy.

Every time I see kittens that tiny I want some again... til I remember how exhausting they are at that age. ;)

Wildrun said...

Hey Gary, I went past your place about six times last week visiting family. Don't know when I 'll go that way again, but I'll drop you a line before I do.

Hey Brina, yes, they were/are cute to start but I am very, very tired of bottles, already.