Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rain gods smiled upon me today

Yesterday the little weather icon on showed dark clouds and lightning bolts for today. Thankfully, they were wrong. It was a warmish, breezy day, with alternating sun and clouds, and one small shower at around 3:00 pm. I spent the day pushing the lawn mower before certain sections grew too tall for the mower to handle.

At around 4:15 I bundled up Molly and headed into town to feed the Fast Food Ferals and maybe catch Nancy at The Grooming Room. When I stopped at the old feeding station (near the building that is about to be demolished, the furry tomcat was snoozing on top of the one remaining shelter. I called to him so as not to startle him and he didn't run when I brought a scoop of food to the feeding station.

Heck, I had a trap in the truck. Could I catch him now? He was far too friendly to stay out here. Soon major construction would be taking place. And he wasn't yet neutered. He had to be hungry, since it was likely he hadn't found the new feeding station. So I left him a few pieces of dry food while I went back to the truck.

Yes, indeed, he was hungry, because he didn't leave his kibble as I set the trap a mere four feet from him. Mmmmmm....wet food in the trap! He was in the trap chowing down before I'd walked more than forty feet away, and soon there was the satisfying thump of a falling trap door.

So it was late when I made it to The Grooming Room and it was locked up tight. With the dog and cat with me, and the sun dancing in and out of the clouds, it was not so safe to go shopping and leave them to the mercy of a fickle sun (oh, for a rainstorm now!) so I headed back home.

So he's snug in a cage now. I was able to stroke his nose. He hissed, but didn't move away or lash out. He has hard mats that are going to have to be shaved off when he goes in for his neuter. I'll make an appointment for him this week.


Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

great! i am glad he is safe and will soon be neutered. this is one lucky cat. great job, wildrun.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OH he is handsome, and I am glad you're taking care of him

Jackie said...

what a sweet looking boy, he will be happy once those matts are gone and he is neutered

las794 said...

Good trap! And what a handsome fellow!