Sunday, May 03, 2009

Shifting the Fast Food Ferals

The lumber yard is being torn down and replaced with a store, so I've had to move the shelters and feeding station to the back side of the property. This meant getting permission from the adjacent landowner to cross their land to feed the cats. I got that on Thursday (Thanks,Kat!), so today I took a new clean feeding station over, and cleaned out one of the old shelters, added new straw, and moved it around to the back. We'll feed in both locations for a bit, so the cats discover the new feeding location before construction necessitates the removal of the other stations.

I've been meaning to get this done for weeks, so I'm glad that's off the list, finally.

I appear to be coming down with some sort of headache/icky stomach thing so this one project took all day. Sigh. Oh, well, I also bottle-fed the kittens and took care of the cats. But no mowing, no tilling, no weeding...

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