Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunny breakfast made brighter by blog friends

I visited Gary Rith's studio in Etna yesterday to pick up my teapot and witness a heart-mug in the making. I got to meet his wife, and sweet beagle Penny. There is a beautiful view of Fall Creek from his studio window.

It was fascinating to watch him work on his wheel. He makes it look so easy. I distinctly recall the alarming wobble in my school attempts to work on a potter's wheel. It didn't occur to me until I sat watching him that--even though many of my current and past friends are potters--I've never seen them work on the wheel. I've only seen their final product, which is simply not the same.

I love my teapot. It has a shape that you just want to hold cupped in your two hands. The size is perfect, and it's precisely sturdy enough that I won't break it--which is specifically what I asked for. I hate buying things I love only to bust them with an idle tap on the sink faucet or some such. I use a teapot daily and I didn't dare risk a handle like this. I'm glad he decided on his own to make a sturdy spout, too. I am not a dropsy-type person, but I do tend to wack objects accidentally against other things with disturbing consequences.

The little piggy mug was a gift from Gary as I walked out the door. The teapot was nearly a gift, too, at the price he set for it. I'm pretty sure I received a generous "blogger friend" discount. I had put aside money for this teapot, so since I had money left over I promptly deposited a check via ATM into The Leewit Fund for spay/neuter. This seemed to be fitting--sort of a double gift.

I do have to push his heart mugs. They are gorgeous, and the red glaze is as dark and beautifully muted as it appears on his blog. The heart teacups with saucers, which I have not seen blogged on his site yet, are absolutely precious, so if you have a tea-drinker in your life and need a Valentine's gift, email Gary and ask for a photo. Both the mugs and teacups are comfortable enough for everyday. They whisper "Love" rather than shout "Valentine's Day" so can be sipped from every day of the year. Or given as a gift at any time, I might point out.

Which is what love is all about, right?

Post-note: Ah, Here are the teacups! Seriously, are they not beautiful? And here is the whole store.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh my, rock on SUSAN, rock on! Thank you! I am so glad you're our new pal. Thanks for the plug, a boatload of heart stuff just went up for sale


Zuleme said...

I love your kitchen table. I always wanted a round wooden table for the kitchen. Don't have room for it in this one.

Wildrun said...

Ah, and the real blessing is that it has a hidden leaf and expands to a six-person oval table. My ex's wonderful parents refinished the chairs, and made a gift of all when they moved to a smaller house. Thank you, and when I see them, I'll mention it to them.