Friday, January 23, 2009

Sparta's Dad "Mr Safety" on Cat Trapping

While checking out the Mean Kitty channel, I found they had made short file on Trap/Neuter/Return! It's not the most comprehensive video, but it is a testament to how TNR has become more and more mainstream.

"I'd get her spayed, but I can't get a hold of her." We hear this all the time, especially from owners of "just kinda shy" backporch kitties like the one featured in this video. You can now. You can trap her. And chances are good your vet will have had trapped cats brought to her/him by now, and she will know how to handle her.

It's reassuring to see videos like this, with its link to more information. "Mainstream" means more lives saved.

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Anonymous said...

The only thought I have on this is that it probably would have been better had he provided a national organization such as Alley Cat Allies in addition to the Stray Cat Alliance.